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Spiritfarer is a cozy resource management and farming sim with dreamy colorful art styles and adorable talking animals. It’s also a game about the process of death, sadness, and letting go. While these two aspects may seem contradictory, Spiritfarer is a big and intriguing way to find and explore the subtle balance between its easy-going adventure gameplay and the heavier themes woven throughout. We provide the world and characters that you will love along the way.

Spiritfarer has an interesting connection with one of our other Game of the Year candidates, Hades. Both feature the mythical ferryman Charon, who brings the soul to the world of the dead. But while he plays a more minor role as a shopkeeper in Hades, Spirit Farrer delves into the role of Karon (Spirit Farrer) and what would be needed if someone stepped into his shoes. I will. In this case, Karon’s successor is a young girl named Stella. Stella needs to take responsibility for the Spirit Farrer with the help of the fluffy cat Narcissus and take the recently deceased soul to the future world. Everdoor. Karon’s role is over, and even he has to go through Everdoor-an early reminder that no one can eventually escape death, even the soul ferryman.

Stella gives off warmth and compassion with all the facial expressions, movements and huge hugs she gives throughout the game, distinguishing her as a spirit furr who is far more compassionate than her predecessor-it’s Karon (one character). It’s a safe assumption (expressed as “cold”) by not baking pies or decorating passengers’ homes. Stella is the perfect protagonist of Spirit Farrer, creating constant optimism and empathy for passengers. Passengers open to her about life stories, such as their greatest memories and deep regrets.

This close bond extends to you as a player. You will really invest in these souls, from an 8-year-old boy suffering from a deadly illness to an elderly woman with dementia. Presented as animals rather than human forms, these passengers are the shining light of Spiritfarer, making them happy when making their favorite meals, finding home decor, or playing mini-games. Is very happy. One of the most fascinating aspects of Spiritfarer is its hug. All characters react uniquely to Stella and give them a hug. Each time, it completely melts your mind.

As a Spirit Farrer, Stella has no shortage of tasks to tackle on an ever-expanding boat, from adding new buildings and homes to growing crops and cooking meals. It doesn’t take long to get into the rhythm of Stella’s day comfortably-today’s routine. You can customize your boat to move and stack different buildings to eventually form a towering community. You can also add zipline-like structures to make it easier to move around the boat with Stella’s enhanced platform capabilities. This customization allows you to personalize your boat and make it feel like your own boat. You can also highlight the most enjoyable aspects by placing them nearby for quick access. For me, they were my kitchen and garden, but I move structures that I feel are underutilized further away.

In a game about death, Spiritfarer glide on the island, whip one of the passengers’ favorite meals, and fish from the side of the boat under the gentle glow of the moon at night. It’s full.

As much as you do on a boat, Spiritfarer goes beyond that to discover more in the world. One of the most amazing aspects of the game is how big this world is. You can explore dozens of different islands and cities. Spiritfarer may look like a short game, but it’s actually quite long. I spent more than 40 hours exploring the ocean and completing side quests, but they never get old. From major cities to small factory towns and rural forests, you don’t know what you’ll find when you discover new land in Spiritfarer. It’s fun to explore each, gather resources, talk to locals, and sometimes meet new people. Join your boat. It also unlocks new abilities throughout the game, allowing you to explore further, reach the highest areas, and find the most valuable resources. All of this thrills you to explore the world of Spiritfarer and motivates you to discover all of its secrets and hidden territories.

Exploring new areas, expanding boats and meeting attractive new passengers are fun, but you can’t escape Stella’s true responsibility as a Spirit Farrer. At some point, all passengers realize that it’s time to pass, and together they climb Stella’s rowing boat to the bright red waters of Everdoor. The most influential in Spirit Farrer is these quiet moments when you carry someone you love and grow up to take care of and you row together. At these last moments, passengers begin to ponder about life, death, and what they have learned-whether they can forgive past cheating and how they are remembered by their loved ones. Or the nature of mankind. These quiet solitudes are beautifully written and culminate in the final hug as the soul passes through Everdoor. It’s hard to describe how influential these moments are. After you take care of them and listen to them, let each character move forward. After the Everdoor scene, I cried many times. The level of emotion they caused was often astonishing.

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And that goes on. With each goodbye, the story goes on, just as Stella has to go on. And you carry a little of each companion who passed by with you in the form of the lessons they taught (and their physical home remains behind). There are always plenty of crops to cultivate, items to be made, and islands to explore, but as with life itself, it is the people you meet that define this journey of everyday tasks you perform. Spiritfarer teaches powerful lessons about valuing your relationships and the memories you share with them by regretting someone’s progress.

Ultimately, Spiritfarer allows you to continue farming and traveling forever, but ultimately you will be given the option to end the game and complete Stella’s final journey. This prompt bangs your chest-you know it’s coming from the beginning, but you think, I thought I had more time and more work to do.. The game gives you as much time as you need to choose to go to Everdoor in bulk with loose ends, but in the end, look at the fully expanded boat and the remaining one passenger. , The company that remained behind to keep me, I noticed that I was ready to move on. Sure, I didn’t clear the game 100% and collected all the items and recipes, but I’m happy and relieved with all the work. I was able to accept Stella’s fate. I took her where I needed it. I sobbed for the next 15 minutes and haven’t stopped thinking about this game ever since.

Spiritfarer feels like an indispensable game for those who have experienced painful loss or who have stayed up late for fear of death. It’s also a game suitable for 2020, a year caused by so much pain and isolation. In a game about death, Spiritfarer glide on the island, whip one of the passengers’ favorite meals, and fish from the side of the boat under the gentle glow of the moon at night. It’s full. The world feels like a home. The character can be not only passengers, but also loved ones and family. And as much as you help each character meet their needs, they help you in return, empower you to stay alive and accept your time when it comes. Spiritfarer is a truly special game from start to finish, and its message of compassion, acceptance and courage can benefit more than ever from being heard by all of us.

Spiritfarer is available digitally at the Nintendo EShop, Steam, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Store.

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