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Ghost of Tsushima is a game defined by the moment. All of these moments contribute to one and only goal of supporting the ultra-stylized vision of the Western movie of Samurai. Even though the brain knew that some of the Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t historically accurate, the game was full of sequences of both story and gameplay, making me say, “OK, it was pretty dope.” I am devoting myself. Developer Sucker Punch knows what players want from games inspired by Samurai movies, and each aspect of Ghost of Tsushima is built around guiding players to experience them. I will.

It’s all about a game that provides you with an open-world action experience that sticks to you even after you’ve finished the ending emotional bowel punch, even if you have a cohesive whole problem. Indeed, Ghost of Tsushima is truly unique in terms of being allowed in the world to wipe out enemy camps, search for collectibles, complete side quest checklists, unlock new skills abilities, and more. There is nothing. wood. However, this game takes these mundane traditional aspects of the genre, connects them to memorable set pieces and encounters, and rejuvenates them with thrilling satisfaction and style not found in other games. ..

For example, if stealth tactics and assassinations wipe out the enemy’s camp, it could be interrupted by a flashback where Jin is talking to Sir Shimura, the figure of his uncle-turned father, about his honor. You thought you needed them, so you started relying on ghost tactics. And with just the soft guiding wind that guides you towards your next collection, you’re free to embrace the colorful world of Ghost of Tsushima, full of stumble and breathtaking scenes. Also, even some of Jin’s abilities, weapons, and armor are associated with powerful story beats, so I remember how to unlock them every time I used them.

Sure, I can’t talk about all the fights in Ghost of Tsushima, but I can remember all the fights that my dad in-game expressed disappointment with me-beyond that, suddenly I remember the weather. Reacted to the way I chose to fight and found that it was acting as a set dresser at the pace of Jin’s transformation into a ghost. I don’t know where it is on the Ghost of Tsushima map, but I remember everywhere I had to pause the game to take a picture with the in-game camera. I don’t remember all the skills Jin has, but learning how to unlock the ghost stance and use it effectively to become an invisible assassin is all year round. Stick to me

All of this works because the underlying foundation of Ghost of Tsushima is strong. Especially that battle. That’s because both Jin and the enemies he fights fall relatively quickly, unless they wear fairly sturdy armor. This promotes an aggressive combat style. The chances of winning are to parry the attack and quickly counterattack before the enemy overwhelms you. Jin’s experience will ultimately allow him to adopt different stances. Each stance is designed to overcome a particular enemy type, providing an additional layer of tactical consideration for each battle, and his increasing weapons of weapons and tools can thin the enemy crowd. I will. Immediately switch stances, strike, skillfully slice the enemy’s sternum and then return to the ready position, read the enemy’s instructions, and respond again, almost like a dance to Jin’s movements. There is something. When a battle is clicked, it’s almost beautiful to see, and it’s very satisfying to quickly dispatch a group of enemies in just a few seconds.

And speaking of beauty, Ghost of Tsushima has a world full of colors. It’s great that all three segments of Tsushima Island look different seasons. This makes each section visually distinct and allows you to incorporate different types of natural beauty. Izuhara is full of flowers that are in full bloom forever, crossing vast canyons and vast rivers, and gently blowing through the gin that leads to the waterfall of thunder. Kamiagata Town, which was caught in the hustle and bustle of winter, was covered with snow, and the mountains covered with ice stood stoic against strong winds, blocking the period of almost complete silence. And in Toyotama, you can find summer and autumn in the Smack Dub, which lies between the other two regions. As gin climbs to the top of a small hill and overlooks a collection of small villages scattered throughout the landscape, colorful foliage often passes by gin. ..

As you can guess from each explanation, the wind is the star of the ghost world of Tsushima. Bring each area of ​​the island to life with a burst of colorful particles that also act as an unobtrusive navigation system, guiding you through the collections you find, the missions you complete, and the characters you meet, while staying immersed in the world around you. This year, no other open world game has navigation tools like Ghost of Tsushima’s guided wind. This is a great and innovative way to give direction to the player while staying true to the overall style of Ghost of Tsushima. It’s much cleaner than the boring white dotted line that always pays attention to the minimap in the corner of the screen.

Looking at the Ghost of Tsushima gameplay loop, it’s a fairly traditional open world game. In fact, from a gameplay perspective, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy. But the memorable moments built on that foundation will eventually be a game with so many cool things to watch and run (and with friends in the legend). You can see and run it, after the incredible release, a multiplayer-focused extension has been added to the game for free). The Ghost of Tsushima has a unique style, with virtually every aspect built to achieve that style, and successfully emulates the ideas of what Western audiences commonly associate with Samurai films and Japan. doing.

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