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I know you’re probably thinking: “Wait, Persona 5 appeared in 2017, and you made it the second of the year when you were ranking the game. I even named it a good game! “That’s true. However, this nomination speaks to the fact that Persona 5 Royal cleverly builds what was already a phenomenal RPG, offering a whole new story chapter that fits the completely unexpected yet complete theme. I am. Yes, it’s the definitive version. But simply calling it a re-release is a short sale of additional 15-20 hours of important content, a clever way a new story is woven into the base game, and the emotional conclusions that follow. When Persona 5 thought it couldn’t be any more vibrant or inspiring, Royal proved that we were wrong.

Persona bread and butter is a fusion of social simulations of Japanese high school life and dynamic turn-based RPG combat exploring surreal dungeons. Both sides interact with each other to create a cohesive whole and instill a sense of purpose in what you do. You care about the world that is about to change and grow up with an attachment to the friends you fight with. They all empower each other with the beliefs and powers to correct the mistakes of a society destroyed by abuse and exploitation. Phantom Sieves, the main cast of story-driving characters, solves the problem with their own hands, with the extravagant courage to have to fall in love with how their style meets the entity.

Atlus is known for publishing updated versions of existing games with additional content. As far as the gameplay experience is concerned, many quality of life improvements and additional mechanics can give you more time to play the game. In the new town of Kichijoji, we introduce extracurricular activities to be carried out with friends. Morgana doesn’t bother you enough to fall asleep. The upgraded Baton Pass mechanic adds an additional layer to strategic turn-based combat. Showtime attacks are ridiculous and intense partner attacks that help wipe out enemies with flares. Reliable routes offer new opportunities to easily navigate fascinating stories. The boss battle has been redesigned to present a variety of challenges. The dungeon layout has been tuned to make your exploration smoother and more rewarding. Mementos has been revamped in a smart way. Royal-only songs fit perfectly into the already iconic genre-bending soundtrack and hit you in the right moment. And the new final palace is arguably the best of the whole game.

I’m just scratching the surface, but I don’t want to spend a day listing how Royal proves to be more than just a repackage of an old game. It’s a culmination of improvements and additions that make the whole thing much better. Still, that alone does not mean that Royal has outperformed the original release.

Persona 5 Royal is an overwhelmingly emotional experience. This is because you’ll love the characters you spend a lot of time on, and it’s harder to say goodbye as your credits roll.

What Royal is doing specifically seems modest at first. Two new characters will appear. I’m Kasumi Yoshizawa and Takuto Maruki, a school counselor. Kasumi knows she will eventually join the team thanks to the wonderful opening sequence teaser, but gradually learns about her goals and tragic inside story. Marqui offers a mental health perspective that was terribly lacking in the original game-the inclusion of Marqui is important for a story that revolves around overcoming personal trauma and the strength that comes from it. .. Speaking through what bothers you, what you fear, and what is verified in those emotions sends a strong and subtle message.

However, these story additions will be rolled out throughout the game and will serve as a component of Royal’s new story. It’s as if it’s being built in front of you and is essential to the overall story hidden in a clear view. This additional chapter doesn’t feel like added content, but blends nicely with what’s already in place, taking advantage of the journey that’s already affected, and a new finale that’s just as damaging Pull you in. It’s also a dramatic change in tone, but it easily fits into the themes and messages that Persona 5 always expresses.

One of the empowering aspects of Persona 5 was to destroy the abusive power structure that has oppressed the people you know and society as a whole. With the confidence, style, and belief of the Phantom Sheave, you were motivated to see the journey. Of course, it’s all a core part of Royal, but this new chapter of Royal’s unique story reflects the trauma faced by everyone and the acceptance of the past to build a better future. Your enemy is no longer a person who clearly violates human dignity. It’s a conflict of vision into a truly good world, a battle between ideals and reality.


This new content isn’t completely wrapped in a philosophical web, it’s also more intimate. Akechi Goro, who was the main character of the original story, has a good flesh and a deeper understanding. The new alternative ending takes a deep dive into what your friends have always wanted in their lives, while drawing a big picture of your last “enemy”. As wild and exaggerated as the final palace and boss battle takes place in Royal, the game is always based on its human element, and after all the battles in the Metaverse, you are always on Earth. Will be returned.

Persona 5 Royal is an overwhelmingly emotional experience. This is because you’ll love the characters you spend a lot of time on, and it’s harder to say goodbye as your credits roll. However, because the fabric of Persona 5 Royal incorporates genuine empathy, many sympathize at a deeper level. Seeing the difficult parts of our lives in an RPG of over 100 hours is a unique experience.

In my review, Persona 5 Royal is a powerful and exciting RPG that should be recognized as one of the best games of our time, and it’s mainly how it separates from the original version. I said it depends on what is being done. He also said he’s been thinking about it almost every day since he played Persona 5 in 2017. If you use P5R, that remains true, and I think it will continue after 2020.

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