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“Best in Intralogistics” certificate announced at IFOY AWARDs 2021 Test Days

This year, the certificate was presented by Gordon Risk, Chairman of the VDMA Material Handling and Intralogistics Association.

The “Best in Intralogistics” seal is a visible document to the outside world of advanced innovations in IFOY AWARD-nominated products and solutions that were introduced three years ago and successfully resolved IFOY tests. “Only innovations using this certificate passed the three-part IFOY audit and the independent intralogistics test,” emphasized Jury Chairman Anita Würmser.

The first IFOY audit 2021 this year on the premises of our new IFOY partner, Messe Dortmund, will last a total of five days. A variety of test series are included, and the results help a total of 26 judges, who are well-known logistics trade journalists around the world, including the Fleet Transport / Handling Network, determine the winners. At the IFOY award, candidates in the category are not compared to each other, but are always compared to the current equivalent products and solutions on the market. This allows you to objectively assess performance values ​​and innovation gaps.

The first part of the IFOY audit is the scientific IFOY innovation check. This will be done by the Dortmund Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow Logistics (IML), Chair of Technology Logistics at the University of Dresden and Chair of Material Handling for Material Flow. Logistics of Technische Universität München. Experts evaluate finalists in terms of market relevance, customer interests, types of execution, and degree of innovation. In addition, scientists examine the innovations made by manufacturers in test halls and evaluate whether they are innovative further developments, new configurations, or true innovations in technology comparisons.

The second part of the IFOY audit is a practice-oriented IFOY test by Dutch trade journalist Theo Egberts. He measures difficult facts and compares them to related competitors’ machines. The appliance undergoes individually tuned operational or functional tests, including approximately 80 criteria, including the IFOY test protocol, which specifically determines the appliance’s economics and energy efficiency, sustainability, safety and ergonomics. .. To avoid tampering with test results due to external influences such as lighting, weather conditions, aisle width, etc., the test hall creates the same environmental conditions for all test takers.

The third part of the audit is the finalist evaluation by the auditor and its approved consultants. Judges will comment and vote on the IFOY Innovation Check, IFOY test results, and their own testing experience.

Who will win the race in 2021 remains a well-maintained secret for the next few weeks, even for manufacturers. It will only be revealed during the festive IFOY AWARD awards ceremony, where location and time will be announced shortly.

“Best in Intralogistics” certificate announced at IFOY AWARDs 2021 Test Days “Best in Intralogistics” certificate announced at IFOY AWARDs 2021 Test Days

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