Best Laptop Cooling Pad 2020: Laptop Cooler for Desk and Lap

Laptop portability is one of its biggest assets, but there are some trade-offs in its compact form factor. Unless you have a rugged gaming laptop, laptop cooling is generally not as robust as a desktop PC. Also, in a small area of ​​your laptop, you don’t get much dust and hair before the performance actually starts to decline. Laptop cooling pads are a useful way to handle devices that are uncomfortable and warm. In general, laptop cooling pads help improve the air flow of the device. Throwing a laptop onto a pillow or blanket can choke the air intake, but the laptop cooling pad does not. Many also include fans that blow additional air into the laptop. This helps cool the interior and chassis. Its extra cooling also helps to make the laptop more comfortable to touch. These pads act as a cushioning material between your warm laptop and your skin, which is especially useful for keeping your feet comfortable.

TL; DR-These are the best laptop cooling pads:

1. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

Best laptop cooling pad

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

on Amazon

To get all the cooling solutions, leave it to Thermaltake. The Massive 20 RGB cooler can reduce the temperature of your laptop, big or small. This is achieved with a huge 200mm fan and ample ventilation for ventilation. You can also use the RGB lighting located across the base of this pad to keep your laptop physically cool while it’s also physically cool.

2. Crim Ultimate

Best Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad

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Gaming laptops need enough cooling to keep running during peak hours, but at the same time you can get it with a little style. The Klim Ultimate Cooling Pad provides a stylish and versatile stand for your laptop. Inside, there’s a huge 200mm fan that runs at 750RPM to keep your laptop cool without producing extra noise. There are also RGB light strips around the edges, which have several different lighting effects. You can also use the adjustable riser to place your laptop at several higher angles.

3. TopMate C5 laptop cooler

Best high airflow laptop cooling pad

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TopMate C5 laptop cooler

on Amazon

What’s better than having four fans run cold air on laptop components? How about 5 fans? The TopMate C5 has four small fans around it and a fifth powerful fan in the center. On the front is also a smooth control unit that can adjust the fan speed and power supply of the lighting and the unit itself. What’s more, you can tilt the entire unit up without worrying about small shelves popping up and your laptop slipping off. There is a lot of cooling hardware without spending too much money.

4. Targus wrap chill mat

The perfect laptop cooling pad for your lap

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Targus wrap chill mat

on Amazon

Targus Chill Mat has been on the market for years, because it does the job it intended. The wide opening and two fans create enough airflow to keep the laptop cool. You can also place some rubber grips on top of the pad where you need them to help keep your laptop in place, whether it’s big or small. When used on hot summer days, the lower fabric material is comfortable even with bare feet.

5. Crimwind

Best Budget Laptop Cooling Pad

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The Klim Wind cooler ensures ample airflow for your laptop without charging your fans too much. And yes, it’s a fan, plural. This Klim Wind offers four 120mm fans that can rotate up to 1,200 RPM due to the impressive airflow that hits the base of the laptop. This cooler can be used with compact small laptops up to 11 inches or large models up to 19 inches. Klim even says it can be used on a PS4 or Xbox One if you want more cooling on an aging console.

6. Klim Cool +

The best portable laptop cooler

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If you need a smaller, more portable option to keep your laptop cool on the go, you can choose Klim Cool +. The device is built to enhance the cooling capabilities of your laptop by attaching it to the exhaust port of your laptop to draw in more air. This may only work on laptops that have side vents where you can easily install the Klim Cool +, but for compatible laptops you can upgrade the built-in cooling. There are various modes of operation that allow you to run quietly for light cooling or start high gear for serious games.

7. Havit RGB laptop cooling pad

Best RGB laptop cooling pad

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Havit RGB laptop cooling pad

on Amazon

A small amount of RGB lighting may not be enough. Gaming laptops may already have a light-up keyboard, but the Havit RGB laptop cooling pad offers even more functionality. This cooling pad supports laptops up to 17 inches, making it ideal for gaming laptops that tend to have larger sides. At its base is an RGB light strip.

You can set the RGB light strip to pass through all available colors, or you can choose a color to maintain the breathing effect. The cooler also has four internal fans with lights, but they are always blue, reminiscent of their job of cooling laptops.

8. CosyFame laptop table

Best laptop cooling stand

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CosyFame laptop table

on Amazon

Many cooling pads do a great job if your goal is to use your laptop on your lap or on your desk. It may not be what you are looking for. That’s where the CosyFame laptop table comes in. The stand has adjustable legs with several long segments that allow you to keep the stand low or raise it to a height of 18.9 inches.

The stand can also be used on a sofa, bed, or desk. There is also a removable mouse pad attachment. And, of course, it wouldn’t be a lot of laptop cooling stands if it didn’t have some cooling. The laptop tray has two cooling fans that help keep the cool air passing through your computer.

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