Best Life Lessons Books for Kids

As kids, an hour or so wouldn’t pass without finding some fantastic and fascinating story to read. Therefore, it is inarguably true that most kids love to read as long as they have the inspiration and insight they have to keep going. When most were kids, each individual had a special nook, story, or novel they would find fascinating. Some books and novels have ever since existed to light up a spark of reading from generation to generation. Regardless of these books’ oldness, they remain purposeful and solid while holding onto the scales required for reading purposes. Therefore, in this pieceby 123 Homework, we shall highlight some critical life lesson books that each kid should at least peruse to understand what they can learn from life. Let us get started with the most precious of the life lesson books:

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The Runaway Bunny Book

The Runaway Bunny Book is a familiar figure in most libraries, and every time you visit the library, you won’t miss out on one or two children reading the book. Margaret Wise Brown incorporates a stylistic form of writing blended with a touch on what life can teach any individual. It is one significant piece of art from the author Margaret. It serves lessons hot right from its visual view. in an overview, the book commences through visualization by a picture of a cow jumping over the moon. Exploring the book will give you an insight into understanding the meaning of life when a rabbit, who is a character in the same book, wants to escape away from home in search of self-independence. in the course of the book, the rabbit ends up in total disagreements with the mother. She wants to follow the rabbit everywhere.It is notably true that the book incorporates family relationships and the order of life. Through the same book, the author uses kid-friendly language so that most children can understand what life entails and how they can maneuver through it.

The Giving Tree By Shel Silverstein

Another ordinary book in the libraries that institutes life lessons into kids in a simplistic way is “The Giving Tree.”Like any other book, the book undertakes a better approach to structuring life events and occurrences to bring out lessons in the desired way. According to Shel Silverstein, the original author of the book, both a little boy and the apple-giving tree enjoy a mutual relationship the bonds them together day after day. It majorly centers on the apple tree’s giving nature even though nothing good spawns it in the end. You can establish a good lesson from such a reading and understand a life lesson that requires everyone to give or share willingly regardless of whether they will get something in return or not. Therefore, kids should also learn that if the art of providing puts a smile on someone’s face, then they should probably keep doing it without demanding anything in return.

The Mixed-Up Chameleon By Eric Carle

It is also another ordinary book under the authorship of Eric Carle, an American designer and illustrator. He tries to incorporate life lessons through a blend of captivating stories, especially if the reader is a kid. It is an ordinary book among most children, and right from its title, we can confidently identify Chameleon as one of the characters within the text. According to the nature of the Chameleon, we can generate several life lessons. The writer tries to expound his take on general changes and the things that keep us lively. According to the writer, everyone should generate satisfaction right from their appearance while avoiding looking down upon themselves. He tries to illustrate contention with personal appearances, unlike the Chameleon, who tries to change his physical appearance but never gets pleased. When it comes to happiness, they try to explain that even though we can have all the things we desire, we may still be unhappy after all. He, therefore, considers that the pursuit of happiness on the ground of all the things that make us happy may turn out to be the absolute opposite of whatever we desire.

Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes

Kevin Henkes is a renowned writer, and one of his most incredible pieces of art for the kids is “Lilly’s Purple Plastic Purse.” he holds a lot of rewards in the writing field, and in this book, he tries to bring lessons into life through a fascinating story for the kids. It is one of the best books with some of the greatest lessons that a kid can learn and apply in life. It touches on the need for responsibility for given actions and why forgiveness is necessary for anyone.


There are many books incorporated with most life-inspiring lessons that are good enough for the kids. If the children have a good reading culture, they will enjoy reading some of them. In this piece, we have only highlighted a couple of them, but many more books life lesson books that kids can always rely on. Let them have copies of such books, and they will learn what life generally entails.

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