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Black Friday is just one day away, and so far many discounts have been applied to gaming peripherals. SteelSeries has some unique offers, but I don’t want to lose, so Logitech came out with its own trading slate. This includes headsets, mice, keyboards and more. Some of these are compatible with both PCs and most major consoles, so it’s a great time to invest.

We searched high and low for the latest offers such as mice, keyboards and other gaming accessories. If you miss something, let us know in the comments section below. Logitech does not offer transactions directly from its site for its gaming lineup, but instead many retailers, primarily Amazon, do their own transactions live.

If you’re looking for one particular item, we’ve split it into sections, otherwise we’ll give you the following recommendations:

Best Black Friday Deals for Logitech Headsets

The biggest deal here is the Logitech G533 Wireless Headset. You can save an additional £ 8 from your regular subscription price by purchasing it separately or adding an Xbox Game Pass for your PC for three months. This is mostly a PC headset, but it also works on the console, so let’s take a look. If you want to take a closer look at this, Digital Foundry announced headset recommendations a while back.

Logitech Keyboard Best Black Friday Deals


Our number one choice here is on the Logitech G815, which offers a £ 69 discount on RGB mechanical keyboards with programmable keys. Learn more about Black Friday gaming mice and keyboards. DigitalFoundry also offers the best gaming and mechanical keyboard recommendations for further reading.

Logitech Mouse Best Black Friday Deals


The Logitech Mouse is the most popular deal on Black Friday, and the recommendation here is the Logitech G903, which offers 140 hours of battery life and a £ 58 savings with customizable buttons. If you’re interested in other gaming mice, here are some gaming mouse recommendations.

Best Black Friday Deals for Other Logitech Accessories


Of course, Logitech accessories aren’t the only thing. If you’re looking for streaming, you’ve found a solid offer for the C920 Webcam, but there are also significant discounts on steering wheels and farm simulation equipment. Therefore, we have rounded up some additional offers.

If you’re looking for even more discounts on accessories, we have a wide selection of headsets, monitors and more. For console offers, check out Nintendo Switch’s Black Friday Best Deal, PlayStation’s Black Friday Top Deal, and Xbox Black Friday’s Top Deal here. You can also follow Jelly Deals Twitter for the latest deals. Here you will be notified when new deals arrive.


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