Best Minecraft mods 2020 | Top 15 mods to enhance your Minecraft experience

The· Mine Craft The experience has been around for over a decade, so now is a better time than anyone else. The best Minecraft mods In 2020.

For some reason, young and old, they set foot on randomly generated lands. Some want to simply play along the adventure from rags to wealth and end up in a battle with the ender dragon. Others want to create.

Regardless of why you play, it’s possible that some aspects are missing or lacking. This is where mods come in. Mods can significantly change and impact the Minecraft experience. In general, if you have something you want to see in Minecraft, you probably have a mod for it.

How to install Minecraft Mods

Before installing the mod, you need to make sure that the content is not only from a legitimate source, but also compatible with your version of Minecraft. Located in the bottom corner of the home screen, it’s easy to find the version of Minecraft you’re running.

Most mods come with instructions on how to install from where you downloaded them, but programs and websites such as MultiMC and can help you keep track of each mod and install it correctly.

Over the last few months, the Curse Forge desktop app has continuously improved its mod support. Simply open the client, link your Minecraft game, select the mod you want to install, and it will work automatically.

Mod or Mod pack?

The difference between mod and modpack is simple, but notable.

mods usually change or change one aspect of Minecraft. Mod packs tend to be bundles of many mods collected together, but they are often combined because they improve the experience and usually run in parallel without any problems.

This is also worth remembering, as mod packs consume much more memory and HDD space compared to their own mods.

The best Minecraft Mods 2020


JourneyMap is a great mod for players who are wary of getting lost in the wilderness. Once installed, this mod tracks your movements in real time and maps any complexity in your world.

With JourneyMap, you can view it as a minimap in full screen or via a browser, so you can place markers and waypoints and never lose a desert temple or forest mansion. It even shows where mobs and animals approaching you may be found nearby.

Download link

Deco craft

For virtually every player, one of the best parts of Minecraft is to expand and decorate your home. Whether it’s a small cottage or a vast castle, you may find that you lack a choice of vanilla Minecraft furniture. Decocraft helps change that by providing Decobench for making lots of great furniture.

If you need a stylish dining room, you’ll find tables, chairs, and even silverware and plates. Want a decent bathroom? Then Decocraft can hook you in the shower, bath and toilet. There is also a deco wand where you can wave your hand to the furniture if you just want to change the color.

Download link


Everyone has seen standard Minecraft voxel-shaped animals. Sheep, cows and pigs roam around, and chickens flap their useless wings and are eaten by foxes. Animania has expanded the zoo several times by adding a lot of other feather and fur creatures.

The mod also extends what was found in the base game by offering different breeds of basic animals. There are 8 types of cows! Perfect for up-and-coming Minecraft farmers, Animania is constantly expanding, allowing you to create mud, salt licks, troughs and even pig slops to feed cute animals. Also, if you feel the ocean is a little empty, you can add Aquaculture 2 to remodel over 30 new aquatic friends.

Download link

Lost city

Have you ever seen an apocalyptic waste in a show like The Walking Dead and thought, “I want to explore it?” The lost city is just a mod pack for you.

Instead of spawning you into the usual biome sky spread, you are deposited in an endless city of abandoned skyscrapers, office blocks, and subway tunnels. Mobs spawn under bridges, views of concrete parking lots, and deserted streets. Great for anyone who wants to play a role or see a vision of the suburbs of Minecraft.

Download link


RLCraft has been around for some time, helping players get a more hardcore version of Minecraft. If you really need a hardcore experience, RLCraft won’t let you rest. You will die, lots. Minecraft touches the side of survival, but this mod raises it to 11.

It’s not just hunger that needs to be monitored, but also thirst and temperature. If you’re not ready, your enemies will skyrocket and many can beat you. It’s incredibly rewarding and all new mobs, items and areas will make you a better player.

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Roguelike adventure and dragon

They took us to the “dragon”. Sometimes I feel that vanilla Minecraft isn’t fantastic enough. Everything is stored in the ender dragon, then it’s just … dead.

Roguelike Adventures and Dragons (RAD) seeks to fight players against monsters, loot, and, as the title suggests, an entire dangerous dungeon full of dragons. RAD overhauls much of Minecraft and adds wizard spells, airships, proper RPG leveling, new currencies, and some new dangerous dimensions to conquer.

Download link

Galactic Craft

Minecraft doesn’t really have a linear storyline or progression tree. It’s very much done at the player’s pace and is useful for free-form exploration. Minecraft also does not allow users to reach for the stars. There, Galacticraft reaches out to help.

You need to start by putting your feet firmly on the ground, follow a light, guided touch, and then explore the universe. Create rockets, nuclear reactors, and robotic devices to enable exploration on other planets. There you can act as humans do in general and plunder everything you find.

Download link

SkyFactory 4

Sky blocks are all the rage. They have been there for a while. The idea is very simple. You have to start with a small block in the sky hundreds of meters above the ground and move from place to place to survive. Unstable.

SkyFactory 4 offers a variety of worlds to explore, technology to learn, and ways to die. Apart from falling to your death, that is. While there are handy progress charts that try to stay straight and narrow, living in the Skyblock is a challenge in deciding how you will live, survive and explore.

Download link


Like Minecraft? Like a Pokemon? Would you like to download Minecraft Pixelmon mod and play both at the same time? Fill this mod with Pokemon that capture the world of Minecraft, and other online players will become rival trainers and be defeated.

Not only does it fill the world with’Mon, but it also has a complete battle system that flicks the menu, so you can defeat and catch the Pokemon you see. You can download Technicpack Pixelmon modpack from that link.

Crafting dead

Another mod that completely changes Minecraft. This is to survive against hordes of barbaric zombies. This is a multiplayer survival game that offers guns, scopes, swords, crafts, and tactical vests.

It also has a DayZ-style inventory system. There is a large list of servers to choose from, so download the modpack version from Technicpacks and get stuck.

Aude 2: Origin of the Void

If you’re looking for a new experience within Minecraft that won’t completely change your game, The Aether is a good start. This mod gives you access to a portal that takes you to the area above the clouds. This is essentially the road from heaven to hell.

There are new ones such as Ambrosium and Gravitite. You need to reveal new dungeons to crawl, new armor to wear, and other secrets. You can download the latest version of the mod from the Minecraft forum.

LotsO Mobs

As the name implies, this mod adds a lot of new mobs to Minecraft and turns it into your own safari. There are lions, camels, deer, elephants, lizards and even mammoths. Why mammoth? Of course, go with those new cavemen. Download it with Minecraft Mods.

Advanced rocket

What’s missing in Minecraft? Of course, space. The Advanced Rocketry Minecraft mod corrects this ridiculous oversight, allowing you to build and steer your own rocket and explore space. You can also explore and explore planets and satellites, or use warp drives to move between solar systems. Build your own space station and look down on these blocky planets from above. Download it from the Minecraft forum.

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Best Minecraft mods 2020 | Top 15 mods to expand your Minecraft experience

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