Best MOBA on Android 2021: Top Mobile Online Battle Arena

If you love good MOBAs, mobile is probably the best platform for them other than PCs. There are plenty of outstanding games, from the mobile version of one of the most popular to some portable first games that can give you a decent run for that money.

I thought I’d put together my favorites in the following genres to help you find new game fixes.

Best MOBA on Android 2021

League of Legends: Wild Lift

A spectacular mobile version of one of the best MOBAs in the world. It crushes everything that makes the original so great in a pocket-sized game that will take you breathtaking. If you’re looking for a mobile MOBA in 2021, you don’t have to look anymore.

Marvel Realm of Champions

It’s a very unique twist on the MOBA genre, which incorporates some novel ideas into the mix to keep things fresh. You can even play it as a weird version of your favorite superhero. What more do you want?


Vainglory is arguably one of the best MOBAs on Android. It’s been around for years, but it has endured the challenges of time with regular updates, new modes, and all new heroes.

Arena of Valor

The Arena of Valor was Tencent’s effort to bring a League of Legends-style experience to mobile. Sadly, it didn’t really work, and Tencent stopped developing, but if you fancy something a little different, it’s still going on and has a small community.

Heian Road Arena

The Onmyoji Arena, provided relatively recently by NetEase, will be held in the same world as the publisher’s gacha RPG, Onmyoji. It has a great art style based on Asian mythology and also has a 3v3v3 battle royale style mode.

Heroes Evolved

Heroes Evolved has a huge library of over 50 heroes, including real-world heroes like Bruce Lee. With a wide variety of play modes, clan systems, lots of equipment to unlock and customize your character, there are no rewards to win.

Heroes of Order & Chaos

Heroes of Order & Chaos has been around for years and was launched shortly after the original Order & Chaos MMORPG. But with just a remaster, it’s catching up with more modern competitors.

Mobile Legends

It’s very difficult to find different ways to describe different MOBAs. Because they are almost all identical to each other. It’s not a genre where people really want innovation and change. We just want MOBAs. However, the advantage of this is that if you accidentally go offline, the AI ​​will take over the character and you can continue when you reconnect.

Paladin Strike

Paladin Strike is a bit different from its competitors in that it’s a hero shooter wrapped in MOBA skins. You can play 15 characters from the world of Paladin, and there are many different modes inspired by the actual game.

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Best MOBAs on Android 2021: Top Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas on Mobile

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