Best mobile games for iPhone and Android 2020

Even though we were all relatively stationary in the 2020 situation, it was a great year for mobile games. With the continued success of new consoles and Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy a lot of fun on your iOS or Android device alone.

GameSpot staff have decided on some of their absolutely favorite mobile games this year. From fresh takes in the classic genre to brand new experimental games, you can spend dozens of hours on these games from the comfort of your bed or toilet.

Check out the Best of 2020 Hub to see more of GameSpot’s favorite games of the year. There you will find a summary of your favorite games for PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch. You can also check out the top games of 2020. Each of the 10 finalists has a dedicated article explaining why it stands out. Next, on Thursday, December 17th, we’ll reveal which one was named GameSpot’s Best Game of 2020.

Genshin Impact

So-called “Gacha” games definitely have a bad reputation. This name is defined by monetization hooks, not core mechanics or genre conventions. As a result, Genshin Impact, a free gacha game that feels like a full-fledged action RPG, was partially notorious for not doing it. If you want, you can play a long, well-crafted game to the end without paying a penny.

But apart from the striking differences from many other mobile games, the Genshin Impact is like a nice Zelda in itself. Explore a lush open world with dungeons and gliders inspired by the Breath of the Wild. Your diverse powers are expressed through different characters with their own weapons and elemental magic. And by adding depth to the game and exchanging them, you can stack the power of the elements on top of each other for a powerful combat effect.

And if you decide to spend a little money, or pay in the currency generated by normal play, everything will be rewarded with a lot of colorful characters that are surprisingly diverse. It’s a package that feels like it works at an affordable price, but instead stands as a model for how to do F2P hooks correctly.

SpellTower +

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Word games are great for mobile platforms, but there are countless options and what stands out is a remarkable achievement. SpellTower + is built on the foundation of its predecessor in a small but clever way, making it one of the best genres to play.

It retains the striking and minimalist look of its predecessor and combines it with a matching soundtrack-a less noticeable, just catchy song that keeps the progression light and fun (and for some reason never). It won’t get old). In the return mode from the first game, you’ll get a higher score with some new tweaks, including bonus tiles that give you new insights into how words are created.

But the real highlight is the assortment of new modes that complement existing products. The search asks you to use the highlighted letters on the board to create the best word possible, but Blitz has to hurry to keep the board from filling up, so standard words. Add a timed element to the creation. There’s a relaxed mode, a more intense mode like Blitz, and a fun assortment of daily contests where you can see how they stack up on the leaderboard. The free version offers a lot of fun, but the premium version and its wide range of modes guarantee this place on the home screen of word game fans.

Good sudoku

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Good Sudoku, like SpellTower +, was developed by Zach Gage. ZachGage adds a clear spin to the established concept. But what sets it apart from the average Sudoku app you’ve tried or seen is that Good Sudoku aims to understand and enjoy Sudoku.

It uses a solid tutorial and note-taking system (although these are also included), as well as an intelligent hint system that provides the right amount of help to keep you satisfied with the solution. It will be done. puzzle. You also have the option to get rid of some of your busy work, which helps fill the squares that eliminate other possibilities.

Some require advanced techniques that are explained in detail in the game, but there are many puzzles of all difficulties, including those that we never want to use. Still, whatever the type of Sudoku you’re trying to get, even developing Sudoku in the first place, thanks to these features and their comfortable visual style, soundtrack, and sound effects, a good Sudoku is This is your best option.

Bloom song

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Song of Bloom is a great puzzle game that revolves around repetition and discovery. Sharing a lot is to ruin the joy of playing it yourself, but at a high level it presents a series of abstract images and environments that interact and allows you to various ” Finding the “exit” is your job Unraveling the story.

The path of your journey is initially limited and is represented as some short branches on the tree. The first step in is confusing and at a loss, but when you start producing with the potential, the secrets and paths are revealed, the tree that acts as the hub world grows, and its branches grow further. Give more life to your story. Small tips can help you tweak you in the direction you intended, but Song of Bloom leaves plenty of room for experimentation so that each discovery you make will be won and feel satisfying. To

These puzzles are accompanied by interesting stories and performances from the protagonist, and you can continue to delve into many crevasses (although enjoying solving the puzzles will allow you to continue). It’s an experience that insists that it’s a mobile game, and it’s definitely an experience that you should play for yourself.

Defeat Spire

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Slay the Spire blends roguelike games with deck builders to come up with something entirely new. Faced with the gauntlets of encounters with enemies and occasional rest areas, you start with the core deck and begin your journey through the spire. As you go, you will randomly find new cards and even get a prompt to burn some of your existing decks. Slay the Spire’s journey is to constantly refine, find new cards, level up existing cards, and remove cards you no longer need. This is due to the increasingly difficult challenges and dangerously diminishing health bars. Reaching the end is not an easy task, but even after conquering all the spire, you need to provide the random nature of its gameplay and tempt you to come back again and again. ..

In a 9/10 GameSpot Slay the Spire review, Chris Pereira wrote: In many cases, the failure can be traced back to a particular decision or series of decisions. This includes getting the wrong card, choosing to upgrade the card instead of repairing it, and so on. I don’t know the following. The layers of the spire will bring, but the next fun challenge to tackle is always around the corner. “

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