Best New Android Games and For Sale: Bargains, Bargains, Bargains, and Conor McGregor

Not surprisingly, this week’s summary is completely sales-dominated. Don’t Starve: Almost every game worth playing, including Pocket Edition, Death Road to Canada, and countless other must-see masterpieces, has received dramatic price cuts.

In the meantime, we didn’t have much time to cover many new releases, so take this opportunity to let you know that Sega’s talented football manager 2021 kicked off earlier this week in case you missed it. I will use it.

New game

Dystopia: Contest of Heroes is a different real-time strategy game. And the difference is Conor “notorious” McGregor, who signed up as the frontman for the mid-core social strategy title. The game features daily, weekly, and monthly tournaments, with prizes such as goods and Facetime with Mr. McGregor himself.


After a while, we gave up covering each bargain individually and put together this summary of our favorites. Death Road to Canada, Selfish Souls, Pocky City, Crashland are especially highlights – and you can get them all for less than $ 10.

The Room: Old Sins is the latest and most acclaimed Room game, released in 2018. Again, you’ll find that you’re solving environmental puzzles in a series of eerie places. This sequel is probably the best. Stone cold steel at 99c.

XCOM: Enemy Within has been released for some time, but it doesn’t take anything away from its excellent tactical gameplay. If you can somehow ignore it for the last 50 years, you’ll find that you’re blocking the alien invasion while you’re engaged in diplomacy, etc. A genuine classic for only $ 1.99.

Amanita Design, a quirky and perfectly designed point-and-click adventure game specialist, has discounted two of Black Friday’s best titles. Samorost 3 is a fascinating adventure starring a flute-playing gnome, and Machinarium is a fascinating adventure for robots that don’t.

Monument Valley II, the sublime sequel to ustwo’s sublime Escher-style puzzle game, is only 99c on Black Friday. The second game in the series recreates the original inspirational gameplay and gorgeous visuals, but adds a mother-child plot line to give it an extra touch.

Klei Entertainment’s addictive and very unique roguelike survival game, Don’t Starve, is priced at a weird lowest price of 99c. Hunting, crafting, foraging, and trying to last as long as possible on a mysterious island inhabited by all sorts of deadly animals and nightwalking monsters.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night belongs to a very carefully selected club. There are genres named after them because of their great influence. This incredibly acclaimed platform RPG is a must-see. It walks around Dracula’s castle, killing monsters and seeing you grow stronger and mercilessly.

Quell Reflect + is rarely seen. In fact, it looks like a game that my grandmother plays on her PC with a fishbowl CRT monitor. But it’s actually a quiet, perfectly designed masterpiece. The gameplay is based on a variant of the Sokoban ice sheet, swiping your finger to guide water droplets.

Best New Android Games and Sales: Bargains, Bargains, Bargains, and Conor McGregor

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