Best new android games and sales: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, First Tree, Samper and more

This week’s lineup of new Android games shows a tremendous amount of variety and innovation. See Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead. It combines the addictive engineering-based gameplay of the Bridge Constructor series with the enthusiastic action of zombie games.

First Tree, on the other hand, is an animal-based walking simulator, and Tomb Toad is a dungeon crawler that can be fully controlled by tilting your phone. From a technology and game design perspective, mobile games continue to think of new ways to entertain us.

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Foresighted Mashups Bridge Constructor: With the success of Portal, Headup is on a different path with even more amazing mashup partners. Bridge Constructor: Walking Dead sees building bridges and other buildings to curb, kill, and escape horrific pedestrians.

Star Wars: Star Fighter Mission is a space-blowing RPG featuring the iconic battles of the legendary sci-fi fantasy series. This may include last-minute rescue of merchandise by fraudulent pilots, the Death Star’s blast, and C3PO’s vigilance. Unfortunately, it is currently only available in Southeast Asia.

King of Worlds is a standard strategic fare that includes city construction, alliances, and various real-world historical figures. But it has a twist. Master the gameplay in 60 seconds. Conquer this area in 24 hours. Earn Tier 3 soldiers in 48 hours. And in 72 hours we will form the strongest alliance! “

The first tree looks a bit like a shelter at first glance. An action-adventure game to play as a wild animal. However, the fox’s is just a metaphor. While Vixen goes looking for the Cubs to reconcile with his father, he solves a simple puzzle in the process.

Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores has a very similar setting to Northgard. You are commanding a group of people in unfamiliar territories, trying to make their lives through agriculture, crafts, combat, etc., avoiding the monsters that come out at night.

Cresent Moon Games’ Tomb Toad is a dungeon crawler that dominates the world, not a hero. Use a unique tilt-based movement mechanism to move the device to rotate a series of dungeons. In the process, kill monsters, plunder chests and find exits without pressing a button.

Slide Shift is DreamTech’s follow-up to Odie’s Dimension. This is a recent puzzle game that gets indexes from not only leaves, but also some chapters, table of contents pages, and Monument Valley of ustwo. This gameplay is much easier. Swipe to move the point left or right to avoid obstacles as much as possible.


Thumper: Pocket Edition is a highly acclaimed “rhythm horror” game that runs through the world of hypnotic and brilliant games in the guise of a shiny sci-fi beetle. It’s usually $ 4.99, but now it’s 99c, which could be the cheapest price ever.

Best New Android Games and Sales: Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, The First Tree, Thumper, and More

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