Best new Android games of the week-BombClub, Embracelet, Crash Drive3 and more

The first week of July 2021 may not go down in history as the week when all the great games were released on Android, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some gems in this week’s selection. In fact, when you’re done typing this, put down your laptop and play at least one.

Whether you’re looking for a puzzle game, an arcade crash, a moving growth story with magical powers, or something a little more casual, I think there’s something here that will tickle your fantasy.

So stop all the turmoil and feuds and keep going. Remember that you can click on the name of the game and download it directly from the Google Play store. Also, next week, we’ll be putting together some of the best new games in the last 7 days, so be sure to check it out.

A shocking horror, a game about collecting bits. They are falling from the sky and you and your robot buddies need to grab as much as you can. It’s a bit fascinating in all the right ways, and while it’s funny, it never pushes the challenge so far you’ll be frustrated. The game is free to download and is ad-supported.

Explore the mysterious Norwegian island with a specially powerful bracelet in a short but incredibly fascinating adventure puzzle game. It’s a supernatural coming-of-age story with lots of interesting themes and worth checking out. Embrace is a premium game and is worth $ 5.99.

Set in the world of the Atelier series, potion mixing, team building, and open world RPG full of familiar characters. Anyway, if you know who they are, you’re familiar. You can also team up with friends, explore dungeons, fight monsters and customize your character. It’s free to play and has an IAP for spending cash.

A fascinating and challenging puzzler who sees you trying to splice explosions together to clear the grid of bombs. It’s full of funny characters, and the mystery is so fresh that you have to like it. try it. You will be surprised. The game is free on IAP, but it’s a lot of fun to play.

A fast-paced open-world arcade driving blast with more jumps, flips and skids than you can throw a broken handle. It’s a sandbox multiplayer game, but you can also play it offline. This is one of the games where it is almost impossible not to play with a smile. Crash Drive 3 is a free download and is ad-supported. You can get rid of them with IAP and unlock a lot of extra content at the same time.

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Best New Android Games This Week – Bomb Club, Embracelet, Crash Drive 3 and More

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