Best new Android games of the week: Kill It With Fire, Queen: Rock Tour, ClanN and more

This is more similar. After a relatively fallow period in the mobile gaming world, this week has proven a green shoot of recovery.

There are some confusing but fun PC and console ports, a big budget martial arts MMORPG, a rhythm action game based on Queen’s biggest song, and some casual gems.

Clan N is already available on other platforms and doesn’t have the strongest reviews in the world, but it still looks like a good bet on mobile. Not only is the master system-like visuals very good, but it also comes with controller support. It’s also free to download. When it comes to gameplay, it’s an arcade fighter with elements of other genres.

Another PC and console port, Kill It With Fire, only kills spiders. And fire is not your only weapon. This stunning spider killing shim provides tools for all kinds of guns, shurikens, frying pans and other arachnid destruction.

As explained earlier on these pages, golf seems to be better suited for mobile games than all other sports. Dinkigolf is the latest proof of this treatise, not particularly imaginative and innovative, but in the mini-golf genre that is even more promising in future updates, such as skill-based unlocking and a wealth of course choices. It is a solid attempt of. .. It’s also a premium game.

This came out suddenly. Gameloft, Disney, Universal Queen: Rock Tour is a rhythm action game featuring a selection of Queen’s biggest hits and factoids about bands, clips and more. You can play all the instruments, including vocals, and it looks great. You can download the game for free on IAP and unlock all songs.

In the early days before smartphones and gorgeous touchscreen games appeared, a company called Digital Chocolate released a game called Tower Bloxx. Patty Stack is basically that – an addictive and simple casual game where you have to drop hamburger stuff from height to build a wobbling tower of meat and sundries.

Yes, it’s just a free-to-play MMORPG. But Blade & Soul: Revolution is a decent pun in this genre with flashy graphics and novel martial arts themes (which was absolutely intentional, if you allow puns). The game had been released in the east for some time, so it was packed with content and crushed all the bugs.

Best New Android Games This Week: Kill It With Fire, Queen: Rock Tour, Clan N, and More

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