Best New Mobile Games on iOS and Android – May 2021 Summary

Disgaea is a gacha game, Doudo (Photo: Boltrend game)

The latest batch of smartphone games includes free-to-play Disgaea spin-offs, alien romance simulations, and the excellent Dicey Elementalist.

With more and more games available for free, it’s easy to be cynical about their content. The old adage that you are a product if you don’t pay for something is often true, but certainly not all. This month’s release includes a selection of free games. Some of them are very good, from the full throttle of Disgaea to the addition to the world of gacha games to the addictive card fighter Dycy Elementalist.

The story of a small room: the mystery of the town

iOS and Android, Free Download / Full Games £ 2.99 (Kiary Games)

You are a private detective investigating a mysterious letter from your father. Examine a series of 3D flat shade dioramas, each with its own set of puzzles to solve.

Rotate each area to look at rooms and furniture from all angles, find clues, keys, useful objects, use what you find to unlock doors, and figure out style issues in each escape room. I will.

It looks nice, and the puzzle is teasing enough to be satisfying, but compact enough to be perfect for mobile.

Score: 8/10

Disgaea RPG

Free download for iOS and Android (Boltrend Games)

Using Disgaea’s wacky characters, the story of a penguin who calls you “dood”, and turn-based combat, this mobile incarnation is packed with incredible levels of complexity and has the expected gacha mechanics. ..

With a few introductions, it’s a complex, entertaining, deliberately weird plot that assumes a working knowledge of the characters drawn from all the games in the series. The focus, however, is on a turn-based battle between stupid high-level caps and a huge roster of combatants.

Daily login bonuses, automated battles, and the usual solemnity of free-to-play games can’t break that chaotic spirit. Especially for fans of the series, it’s a solid waste of time that doesn’t necessarily require a real cash investment. If you intend to grind for a long time.

Score: 7/10

Bid: Creature Comfort

Free download for iOS and Android (Kenny Sun)

Billed as a galactic romance simulation, Tender sets up a profile on an alien matchmaking site, swiping left to reject and swiping right to connect with potential extraterrestrial suitors.

You are free to unmatch at any time using chat or flirtatious potted text responses, but the real goal is to adjust the date you agree on and the date that occurs in real time on the day of the week. Miss 1, and your alien friend-with 0benefits are naturally upset.

Even if there are no in-app purchases and it remains weird than the game, this is a truly free endeavor. If the romance simulation space monster sounds like your tea, there’s literally nothing to hinder you.

Score: 6/10

Wonder Box: Adventure Maker

iOS, Apple Arcade (Aquiris)

Captain Toad: Like Treasure Tracker and Tiny Room Stories, Wonderbox is a series of small, rotatable 3D scenes that require scrutiny from every aspect to solve a puzzle.

Unlocking useful equipment such as swords, bows, shields, and high-jump helicopter attachments, the puzzle often spans multiple screens, exploring, talking to traders, and collecting lots of keys and items. will become necessary.

However, at the heart of Wonderbox is the ability to build and share your own level using its excellent and highly intuitive toolset. If we could accomplish the same feat that Dreams did on PlayStation 4 and build a community of creators, the future could certainly be very interesting.

Score: 8/10

Faily Brakes Classic

iOS, £ 1.99 (Spunge Games)

Like any other outing in the Faily Brakes series, Faily Brakes Classic allows you to descend hills in your car, avoid obstacles and pick up coins and power-ups. When you hit a rock or tree, the driver jumps out of the car like a rag doll.

Only one course can unlock a driver’s new car or outfit, but both are superficial and all runs are functional except for procedurally rearranged obstacles. It will be the same.

Gameplay loops are still fascinating, but due to their almost ridiculous simplicity and often random-feeling failures, they look more like a proof of concept than a paid game.

Score: 4/10


Free download for iOS and Android (Star Garden Games)

As the only forest creature with the opposite thumb, from a devastating perceptual storm in this fascinating platform game that offers exactly 6 actions in each run before you have to finish and resume. It’s up to you to save the world.

This means planning all attempts by choosing the right equipment and ensuring that you pick them up in the order you need when moving between obstacles, conversations, and locked doors.

Clever, unique, and often quite mysterious, Sixit is another title without forced microtransactions, but you can choose to support developers in a £ 1.99 tone.

Score: 7/10

Dicey Elementalist

iOS, free download (Doublethink Games)

Dicey Elementalist is a roguelike deck builder that relies on the interaction of the cards in your hand with a series of dice that roll when it’s your turn to attack, and each room you enter can be a battle, shop, treasure chest, or Yahtzee. Includes dice like. A game to win prizes.

As you progress, things get more and more involved. The cards start to influence each other, building synergistic decks and getting better at balancing the dice rolls with the strategic elements you control.

You will never be forced to see an ad, it has a very likable art style, and its gameplay is deep enough to provide considerable longevity. A potential classic in production.

Score: 9/10

Knights of San Francisco

iOS and Android, £ 2.99 (Filip Hracek)

Set 1,000 years for the future of dystopia in the ruins of old California, Knights Of San Francisco is a text adventure with occasional black-and-white illustrations.

You play an apprentice necromancer heading to the ancient ruins of the Transamerica Pyramid in search of lost brothers, using conversations and turn-based battles, including dice and text selection-each with its own tense little story. To.

Beautifully written and illustrated, it takes a clearly modern approach to the old school genre and is a joy throughout.

Score: 8/10

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