Best New Mobile Games on iOS and Android – November 2020 Summary

XCOM 2 in the palm of your hand (Photo: Feral Interactive)

GameCentral reviews a good harvest of new smartphone games over Samorost 2, Unmemory, XCOM 2.

From the discovery of multiple effective COVID vaccines to their launch, the sudden influx of good news has distracted the world. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have their own mini-bonanza for mobile games. Unmemory’s complex puzzles and interactive fiction, Space Marshals 3’s routine’tootin’sci-fi-meets-Wild West action, XCOM 2’s full AAA goodness, and much more, this month’s release schedule has a lot to offer. ..

FAR: Loan sales

iOS and Android, £ 3.99 (Mixtvision)

Clearly inspired by Limbo and Inside, the FAR is set on the side-scrolling coastline of ruined ships and shattered buildings. Your little protagonist will stand alone next to the grave and start the game before guiding them to their eternal mission of walking towards the right side of the screen.

To speed up that journey, you can quickly throw the items you pick up from the beach into the pot, or a huge and nasty car powered through a series of large-scale sales sprouting from its roof. Come across. Refueling, maintaining, upgrading, and clearing the pass make up most of the interaction with the game.

Completely silent, without any instructions, you are forced to understand everything for yourself, and along with a nearly monochromatic color palette, it’s a process that emphasizes the pervasive sensation of loneliness. ..

Score: 8/10


iOS and Android, 79p (Xavier Heras Division)

With a minimalist interface, Union is a puzzle game that connects sets of shapes. Initially, this is done by rotating straight lines and curves so that the same shape is linked until all the nodes on the screen are joined.

Soon, the game will begin to add new shapes, the ability to swap and rotate tiles, and a much more sophisticated and complex set of linkages.

There are no hints and you can’t skip levels, but there’s no timer and ambient soundtrack so you can try it out slowly. This is a fun and easy way to idle for an hour or two.

Score: 6/10


iOS, £ 23.99 (Feral Interactive)

Starting from the moment the aliens have already won, leaving it to reorganize humans on the captured alien ship, your job at XCOM 2 is to rebuild the band of lucky rebels and regain the planet. is.

Like the pioneers of PCs and consoles four years ago, it means engaging in fast-moving turn-based combat that is tense against alien threats, while aliens do the same. Play long R & D and upgrade games on a UFO basis on Earth.

It seems that the ability of the enemy can not be confirmed during battle and the mobility of patrol during battle is reduced, but in the mobile version it is actually convenient with a camera that can rotate 360 ​​degrees[すべて監視]A button has been added.

It also perfectly recreates one of the best AAA games of the last few years on the phone. Also, during the winter, your phone can get a little warmer while playing, but it’s almost comfortable if you’re near a power outlet. The Android version is under development in 2021.

Score: 10/10

Samorost 2

iOS and Android, £ 2.99 (Amanita Design)

If your dog is stolen by an alien, it’s time for a hated hero to chase after you in his tin can spaceship. This classic point-and-click puzzle game dates back to the early 2000s.

An unparalleled art style known to anyone who has played other Amanita Design games, with all the animations from the opening logo to the astronaut’s movements and interactions with the environment. I am.

Samorost 2 is the subject of outdated trial and error gameplay in its genre, but it’s so sophisticated and beautifully presented that you can explore it from start to finish.

Score: 8/10

Suit up

iOS, £ Free – Remove Ads £ 2.99 (Mickel Christiansen)

To successfully blend Solitaire and Match 3, you need to line up three or more cards in the same suit. After that, the cards will disappear and more cards will arrive over the neat and tidy interface.

You also need to complete short-term goals, such as setting up matches against cards in ascending or descending numbers. It adds interest, but unfortunately it emphasizes how much you depend on the cards dealt and the cards that happen to be sitting on the grid.

The game can quickly add more suits and buy power-ups that allow you to clear rows and increase turns to reach your goals, which is real for solitaire, but with its subtle random elements. Prevent it.

Score: 6/10

Cancel memory

iOS and Android, £ 3.99 (plug-in digital)

Like so many mobile games, Unmemory starts with a notification that recommends wearing headphones. Unlike most other mobile games, it’s also a good idea to take notes – and many of them.

The event unfolds as a mixture of reading and interaction, starting with the character waking up naked and becoming strangely flat and bloody. The pages of text are well-incorporated with props, clues, and mechanics that require you to unravel a deepening mystery.

Like Simogo’s classic interactive fiction, Device 6, it can play well in this format, take advantage of both the touch screen and motion sensing of puzzles that require logical deduction, and become unreasonably annoying. Not, and above all, it makes you feel wise to solve them.

Score: 8/10

Collage atlas

iOS, Apple Arcade (John William Evelyn)

Set in a completely blank white world gradually filled with trees, shipwrecks, and architectural fragments, the words that make up this less-spoken story swirl in the text in front of you as you move.

Beautifully hand-painted in black and white, you follow the arches and lines of the paper windmills to the next area and watch the stunning visual joy unfold in front of you.

Unfortunately, despite the quality of the artwork, the text is nothing more than a pseudo-philosophical New Age meaningless, and the experience is unfortunately hollow, without saying anything like a plot.

Score: 3/10

Space Marshals 3

iOS and Android, free play or £ 3 (Pixelbite)

With colorful landscapes, top-down perspectives, and tactical gameplay that rewards the wise use of stealth and covers, if you’ve played any of the previous Space Marshals games, this is like going home. Thing. The house in this case is a dusty wild west space opera inhabited by grizzling astro criminals and law enforcement officers with mustache-bearing guns.

Sharing the high production value of the previous work, the third article continues in exactly the same way. This is not a bad thing, given how widely accepted the first two games were.

If you’re dissatisfied, the aiming mechanism of dragging your finger in the direction you want to shoot and then releasing it tends to be inaccurate, but to be honest, it’s good to play a new level.

Score: 8/10

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