Best of 2020: 8 games that can really benefit from the latest remakes of Switch

During the holiday season, we’ll republish a series of Nintendo Life articles, interviews, and other feature articles over the last 12 months that we consider to be the best of 2020. We hope this will give you a chance to catch up with the work you missed. Or just look back on the year when there were some highlights — honest!

This feature was originally published in July 2020.

Since rumors that some 3D Super Mario Masters may come to Switch, we’ve been a bit of a challenge to relive those classics on Switch. Tell us what you like about the Switch port. However, if they are treated with due care and respect, they will provide Switch with everything past and present. I will take a lot.

However, it is argued that recycling the same classic games over and over again is a bit wasteful, especially if we have already played them to death. Why not spend that development time preparing games that aren’t great or that haven’t been easily accessible since they were first released? Why not spend your efforts on remaking the game instead of plating the lilies over and over again? did not do it Will you meet their potential for the first time?

It’s no wonder that remakes are appealing to large companies, as developers work from an existing fan base and provide a solid blueprint to accompany it. Still, it’s great to see more risks taken in this area.Master system classic Wonder Boy: The Dragon Trap Freshly painted and beautifully polished for modern consoles, but recently released source material Alex Kidd of Miracle World Remakes are less respected, developers want to do similar tricks.

Of course, Nintendo has been remaking semi-regularly, so I’ve been enjoying it lately. Xenoblade Chronicle: Definitive Edition.. However, this is not like the HD upgrades and spit polishes you have in mind in the games below.We are talking about a radical overhaul along the line Awakening of The Legend of Zelda Link Or, better yet, powerful Metroid: Zero Mission In the case of GBA, the latter took the aging of the original shell Metroid And it has undergone an amazing refurbishment.In fact, the Metroid series another Excellent remake in the form of Metroid: Samus Returns With 3DS.

Let’s take a look at some games from different developers. These games seem to contain a promising and tasty kernel, but you could have benefited from more time in the oven …

Super Mario Land (GB)Super Mario Land (GB)

the publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo R & D1

Release date: July 31, 1989 (USA) / September 28, 1990 (UK / EU)

Controversial! Well, it’s not. The fact is, while we worship the Game Boy spirit, quirks, and heritage. Super Mario LandThe actual gameplay is one of Mario’s Canon’s worst games, as it doesn’t meet the potential of the system or series.Sure, it felt like a minor miracle at the time-and the game isn’t without its own magic brand-but a star. Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins We beat it in every division and proved what we could achieve with Nintendo’s most discreet console.

But an expanded and rethought remake of Super Mario Land? It may be a spicy little meatball.

Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)Disney Epic Mickey (Wii)

the publisher: Disney Interactive Studios / Developer: Junction point

Release date: November 30, 2010 (USA) / November 26, 2010 (UK / EU)

Rumors have recently emerged that a remaster of this 3D platformer may be in the works, and Epic Mickey It’s a great concept, but it definitely wasn’t. Pretty We respond to that possibility. This is a gorgeous game with a bit of a bite on Mickey Mouse, leading a more modern, less pious (and endlessly fun) approach to the recent Disney mascots.

We’ve talked to veteran designer Warren Spector in the past and he’s very proud of the game, but how remakes can eliminate flaws in modern systems 10 years later. It is fascinating to see.

Sonic Spinball (MD)Sonic Spinball (MD)

the publisher: Sega / Developer: Sega Technical Institute

Release date: March 12, 2007 (USA) / April 5, 2007 (UK / EU)

We have a special place in our hearts Sonic spinball, And I can’t hear the words for that soundtrack, bonus stage, or overall premise. Still, even for us young Sonic fans at the time.I didn’t feel the gameplay of stuttering and strange physics Pretty Immediately behind the day, especially after coming from something silky smooth Sonic 2.. And the less you say about hedgehog sprites here, the better.

Oh, but imagine a remake with Sonic mania An engine and sprite that blends the concept of victory with the “proper” movement and inertia of his 16-bit platformer! It has the potential to turn a flawed game into an instant classic.

Resident Evil Gaiden (GBC)Resident Evil Gaiden (GBC)

the publisher: Capcom / Developer: M4

Release date: June 3, 2002 (USA) / June 3, 2002 (UK / EU)

Capcom is no stranger to the remake of the Resident Evil series (sorry, remake) and recent success RE2 And RE3 Release (sorry, release) means that Capcom will recycle (sorry, REcyc–Well, quit now) Many of them are definitely. It started with GameCube, and although the original PlayStation game is a kitsch jewel, Remake I converted it to a modern classic to match the tone established by the later installation. It’s still painful that Capcom didn’t bring a remake of the second game to Switch.

In the future RE4 Fans are divided in remakes, and few gamers claim it. Resident Evil Gaiden Game Boy Color couldn’t be improved with the rethought version for the latest system. Last but not least in the readers’ poll of the worst Resident Evil game ever, Leon S. Kennedy and Barry Burton’s dream team are here. Please tell me that no gold is mined from that pairing!

Nuts to RE4-It’s already classic. Would you like to crack again with Capcom’s REG? And please, Please, Keep its abbreviation. It will be the catchphrase gold.

Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)Kid Icarus: Uprising (3DS)

the publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Project Sora

Release date: March 23, 2012 (USA) / March 23, 2012 (UK / EU)

The obvious fact, one of Nintendo’s dormant franchises, is that the nasty control scheme of this 3DS entry divided the player’s opinion (and some ulnar nerves as well).It has a defender-we enjoyed the game so much-but a remaster with a completely reworked control scheme may give more people the opportunity to thank them. Kid Icarus: Uprising..Probably when Masahiro Sakurai is over Super Smash Bros.?? Again, it may be easier to create a new entry from scratch. We also take it.

Also, Sakurai will never end up with a smash. Nintendo does not allow it. Poor chap.

Metal Gear Solid (GBC)Metal Gear Solid (GBC)

the publisher: Konami / Developer: Konami

Release date: May 5, 2000 (USA) / May 5, 2000 (UK / EU)

Probably the most acclaimed entry here in its original form, the game known as Metal Gear: Ghost Babel In Japan, it was actually an excellent entry in the Game Boy Color series. However, like Link’s Awakening, rethinking this classic has attracted more viewers’ attention for over 20 years since its release, and the remake has the control design needed to get the game to work with GBC. It may reduce some of your choices.

And who jumps at the chance to play Solid Snake Adventures on Switch? Konami, we take the rest of his back catalog while you are in it. Much obliged.

Ice Climber (NES)Ice Climber (NES)

the publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo R & D1

Release date: January 30, 1985 (USA) / March 16, 2007 (UK / EU)

Some NES games do hold up very well, while others aren’t so gracefully matured. For “black box” vertical platformers Ice climber, It rarely brightened the world at the time, and Popo and Nana were probably entrusted to Nintendo’s historical chronicle (the same mountain as Stanley of Bagman), the aforementioned Masahiro Sakurai invitation to join them. Include unless you sent Super Smash Bros. DX..

Obviously an average game, there’s plenty of room to improve the original nasty controls and give the game a makeover for the 21st century. A job for a talented Nindy developer, maybe? Popo and Nana are more suitable.

Zelda II: Link Adventure (NES)Zelda II: Link Adventure (NES)

the publisher: Nintendo / Developer: Nintendo EAD

Release date: December 1, 1988 (USA) / September 26, 1988 (UK / EU)

As the name implies, there are so many games that the Zelda franchise will draw different opinions about the best or worst games in the series. One of the good ways to evaluate someone’s Zelda fandom is if they played. Zelda II: Link Adventure.. It’s the first sequel to a long-running series, and unlike the original, it has enjoyed a critical reassessment over the last decade, largely driven by its success. Dark soul A similar game that refuses to hold a hand.

In the context of subsequent entries, Zelda II is the most insensitive Zelda, and mistranslations add to the general mystery. 8-bit games of all genres are more challenging on a daily basis than their modern counterparts, but if you decide to remove them from the list, you can’t use savestates and walkthroughs to complete Zelda II. ..

But the way things are going back in fashion, and delicate remakes can bring back one of the most rare Zelda games, often ignored by new viewers. Hyrule Cadence Indie developers have proven that old formulas can bring new life to life (and Zelda II didn’t immediately follow the hardened template Link to the past Anyways). Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap remake developers expressed their desire to work on Zelda II a few years ago, but still want to know what they can make.

So what do you think of the above recommendations? Please pay special remake attention, vote for the two games you want to watch the most, and let us know below.

Obviously, there are dozens of decent games that haven’t reached the classic status, despite the possibilities, so leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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