Best of 2020: Everything Welcomes Game Boy Micro, the sexiest and most impractical Game Boy ever

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During the holiday season, we’ll republish a series of Nintendo Life articles, interviews, and other feature articles over the last 12 months that we consider to be the best of 2020. We hope this will give you a chance to catch up with the work you missed. Or just look back on the year when there were some highlights — honest!

This feature was originally published in September 2020.

Before we dive in, let’s start with a few words about the topic at hand when it was picked up at the Nintendo Life Office. “Such a neat little machine.” “I’ve always wanted it.” “Somehow I ended up with two.” “The most fun way to get a carpal tunnel.”

Of course, we were talking about the nice Game Boy Micro. Launched in Japan this week 15 years ago (September 13, 2005, 6 days later in the US), the small console is arguably the most desirable form of Game Boy Advance hardware when the system was already in the sunset phase. Introduced the wear.

Desirable, yes, but Practicel? Only in the sense that it’s really pocket-sized — the most portable console Nintendo has ever made. The Game Boy Pocket could easily slip into the average 90’s teen buggy skater jeans of the last decade, but even that system was poker compared to the awesomeness of this little miracle.

Game Boy Micro, codenamed “OXY,” follows Nintendo’s now-familiar tradition by releasing a revised version of its gorgeous hardware later in the console cycle to resist those who postponed their first purchase or sexy pieces. Seduced people like us who can’t. A kit, no matter how unnecessary it is for our requirements or game collection. After all, the Nintendo DS is well-known as the “third pillar” to support existing GBA and GameCube consoles, and was launched in 2004 with the ability to play GBA carts. It was. I didn’t need a micro.Oh, but how I wanted It!

It’s hard to think of later, given the tremendous success of the DS line, but Nintendo decided to graze a reliable (and profitable) Game Boy brand and bet the farm on a new dual-screen experiment. Naturally, I was reluctant. As GameCube fights the PS2 and Xbox, this “third pillar” strategy was about marketing in case the company had to re-rely on its proven handheld business.Rejuvenated by the global success of PokemonThe Game Boy brand has been sailing the ship for almost a decade as the Nintendo 64 and GameCube have fallen short of expectations in the face of fierce competition for home video game consoles. But in portable spaces, Nintendo is still the king of the hills, and killing the Game Boy brand with unproven alternatives would have been ridiculous at that stage.

The 2005 Game Boy Micro launch seemed to support Nintendo’s continued commitment to GBA, but the DS was dominant, and the following year the Nintendo DS Lite was released ( Touch Generations Incredible brand game led Brain ageOn the west side, I actually scribbled the text written on the wall of Nintendo’s venerable portable brand. Micro hardware has fallen short of company expectations and will be the last new hardware (to date) named “Game Boy”.

The Game Boy Micro shows that Nintendo is pushing ideas to the absolute limits of sense and practicality. Nonsense

Still, what a method! In many respects, Game Boy Micro symbolizes the ultimate pursuit of Nintendo’s handheld spirit. To the impractical point. For one thing, as I emphasized earlier, it’s really a handheld. It fits in the palm of your hand like a snack-sized chocolate bar. The reduced space on the small 2-inch screen (with an adjustable brightness backlight) makes the GBA library look sharper than ever. With a variety of switchable faceplates, you’ll have almost everything you need for a Nintendo console. A software library that rivals beauty, novelty, and the best consoles ever made.

However, due to the reduced proportions, the original Game Boy and Game Boy Color software cannot be played because unnecessary hardware had to be removed from the design. Also, those who complain about the small texts in Switch games will need a jeweler loupe to read the texts in GBA’s impressive RPG catalog. Again, I can’t imagine many players having the stamina to play micro for more than 30 minutes anyway. People over the age of 6 (or normal to large-sized hands) can succumb to pain in their hands and wrists. Within minutes.

Given all of Micro’s warnings, the gorgeous GBA SP has a legitimate claim to be the “best” Game Boy ever. The AGS-101 (released at the same time as the Micro, which has better backlight than the original SP) is the best and most practical way to play the Game Boy library on official hardware, due to its clamshell design. , The screen disappears. Scratched by keys, coins and other pocket debris. Despite its shortcomings, Micro remains the most coveted Game Boy to date-anyway, if the broader Nintendo Life Team’s opinion is any sign.

A few years later, with the launch of Switch, the “three-pillar” style game is back. Apparently, the new console will complement the 3DS rather than replace it. Obviously, Nintendo intended to say — popular, proven hardware will continue to be sold indefinitely as a budget alternative whenever there is demand. Despite Switch’s huge success, 3DS continues its beloved life, thanks to its competitive price and incredible software library. With the advent of Switch Lite and the fact that Nintendo has stopped forecasting hardware sales, Switch’s handheld predecessor is now FinallyRetired, the company currently has only one console “pillar”, complemented by a mobile “profit pillar” (Nintendo loves pillars).

You’ll want to see the last iteration of the Nintendo 2DS XL, a 3DS family system, as up-to-date with the Micro. It’s certainly great hardware, but How to It’s too practical and too wise to compare correctly. The Game Boy Micro shows that Nintendo is pushing ideas to the absolute limits of sense and practicality. Nonsense.. Nintendo has become more Nintendo than ever before And we worship it.

The fact that you can’t play Game Boy Micro without developing a Microfracture doesn’t stop Team NL members from melancholy talking about their time on the console and sometimes hugging it in the palm of their hand (and circling around us). For those who have never done it) From frequent eBay trawling to picking up more and more expensive micros).

Is it practical? That’s certainly not the case, but it’s not practical.Ducati and Ferrari Practical. Is it the console we play a lot? Good, no — You can’t survive for more than a few minutes in a company.But that’s not yet The sexiest It’s part of the kit Nintendo has made so far, and the mention of its name makes us forever craving for our eyes, a distant look, and a little hot under the collar.

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