Best of 2020: I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: The new horizon is much wrong, but nothing more

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During the holiday season, we’ll republish a series of Nintendo Life articles, interviews, and other feature articles over the last 12 months that we consider to be the best of 2020. We hope this will give you a chance to catch up with the work you missed. Or just look back on the year when there were some highlights — honest!

This Soapbox feature was originally released in June 2020.

Do what you like, do what you like – that is Animal Crossing: New Horizons Mantra. There are no big bad bosses to defeat, and no final destination to struggle with.Instead, New Horizons offers players complete Freedom to create and develop paradise on their island as they like. Or it may look like that.

In fact, New Horizons has the ultimate goal of requiring players to adhere to a set of rigorous guidelines, which is to achieve the coveted five-star rating on your island. To achieve a Five Star, you need to decorate the island with the right amount of furniture and man-made structures, make sure you have a certain number of trees, and do a lot of other things.

Animal Forest

However, I large In order to put the issue of this system, and my booking into the context, you first need to understand a little bit of the history of my Animal Crossing. In retrospect, I’ve always loved the countryside aesthetics I saw in previous Animal Crossing games because they reflect the countryside I grew up in. Living in a small country village was definitely biased towards forests, ponds and wild flowers. Looking at the New Horizons, I quickly realized that I had to sacrifice a lot of green to achieve my beloved Stoxall’s 5-star rating. In short, I intended to urbanize the island wilderness by adding outdoor decoration to the island wilderness.

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Outdoor decorations and features introduced in previous Animal Crossing games New leaves (To some extent), Happy home designer And Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.. While it makes sense for this aspect of gameplay to permeate New Horizons, New Reef has completely ignored the desperate plea of ​​residents to set up various outdoor utilities projects. Take a fire hydrant as an example. I didn’t have such an item because it didn’t belong to my quaint country town (although it’s definitely important in real life). The same is true for Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer and Pocket Camp. Requests for important man-made structures are often ignored. I didn’t care if it hindered progress, I was playing the way I wanted to.

But in New Horizons, I somehow realized that I desperately wanted the shiny gold watering can and pretty lily of the valley flowers that came with it to achieve a five-star rating. I thought I had to sacrifice a part of the green island to get it, but it might not be so bad if I got it.

Let’s go to the city (not)

Oh, how wrong I was. When I tried to raise a 3-star island to an elusive 5-star rating, I very I underestimated the amount of outdoor furniture and urban structures I needed. This quickly turned my quaint little parks and markets into a collection of benches, swings and misplaced instruments. My pristine beach soon filled with sun loungers, archways and other junk, and my beautiful forest had to shrink to a fraction of its previous size.Things soon began to look incredibly cluttered, but nevertheless yet In the game, every time I went to Isabel for an island rating, I had to lay out more decorations.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch© Nintendo Life

At the beginning of the game (or during a city hall upgrade), I probably wouldn’t have had the option to allow players to change the 5-star rating parameters to suit their style. Chasing the Five Stars was very annoying. There is precedent for this. New Reef can determine the nature of the town by enacting the only ordinance that will change the life of the village. Choosing the “Beautiful My Town” option promotes flower growth, helps residents take care of nature and prevents debris from flowing into or into the ocean. But where is this feature in New Horizons? That implementation would have been a lifesaver for nature lovers like me!

What’s more, New Horizons does not consider the quality or artistry of custom designs. Talking to Isabel, you might say that your island doesn’t have a fascinating landscape and the only way to increase your rating score (hidden metric) is to decorate every corner of the island. Basically, your island doesn’t have to look good, I need enough! Moreover, the islands of New Horizons are by no means small. In short, a lot of furniture is needed to meet Isabel’s desire for a “fully decorated island.” Setting up such a rigorous set of rules means that gameplay will move to a more essential progression style, which is in contradiction to the “play your own way” message in the series.

Return to my wild world

However, in the end, I got a 5-star rating, which was as big as I felt, but I wasn’t satisfied. Stoxall was no longer a green paradise with a discreet shopping district and rustic fishing huts that grew to love me.By the way, various things were randomly scattered here and there, and I felt that my island was crowded. And It’s messy. Things had to change. It’s time to re-wild my island.

But what is “re-wilding”? In the real world, re-wilding is the restoration of an area of ​​land to its natural state, usually for conservation reasons or to reintroduce animal life to a particular area. For me in New Horizons, it will be the process of destroying the expansion of my city, abandoning the cluttered markets and reestablishing the natural look that Stoxor used to sport.

First, we collected and sold all the ugly outdoor furniture, then rebuilt a huge forest, and finally planted a larger hybrid flower meadow than before. Butterflies and other bugs have returned to my wild paradise, and my extended ponds and rivers have much more room for fish. I have encouraged the formation of undergrowth under the woodlands of my island by germinating some weeds. Just to really grind Isabelle’s gear.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Switch© Nintendo Life

And it feels great! The pressure is gone and you can do what you want on the island again. In retrospect, Isabel’s demand for a perfectly decorated island made me feel like I was playing New Horizons the wrong way. play.

The only blessing of salvation was the power to bring Stoxor back to the dream countryside. My island has returned to a three-star disappointment in Isabel’s eyes, but has finally become a happy home designer again.

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