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This article was originally published on January 28th.

Want to talk about Ryan Zimmerman, Who just re-signed the Nationals last weekend. First, however, I need to tell you about my ex-student. It’s a story she reiterated publicly, but I’ll change some of the details for reasons I think are self-evident. I am also writing this with her permission and approval for the shared details. She came to the United States at the age of 10. It was a sudden move from a big city to the Washington, DC area. Movements not made with legal permission.

Her mother worked in the food service industry, waking up at 4am and going to the kitchen to work. My student enrolled in DC Public School with his brother. DC public schools, like all public school systems, are obliged to serve students in the community regardless of their immigrant status.

She has been a great student, hardworking, sure, but thoughtful, witty, and hysterical since I first taught her. She liked to make things: robots, green walls, experimental equipment. Her dream was to become a civil engineer. There was an air quality problem in her hometown and she wanted to see which plants segregate the most particulate matter in which arrangement. Design a water supply system to combat drought and drought.

The college came and this was a student who should have had a “big money truck” pulled up. I taught talented students not only full-ride scholarships, but also many students who got lab funding, travel, and even money roaming. In my opinion, everyone deserves a free college, but I’m happy to have at least those particular kids pay for it in the light of the destroyed system I had to work with.

This is about not having the correct paperwork: you can’t get a grant. Student loan. The university treats you as an international student. She had to take a test to prove her English proficiency, despite her high school diploma in the United States and a 20-page advanced treatise.

With the help of money and the accident of their birth, she had to navigate the complex system on which her companions slid. It’s a difficult part for me, an angry part, and a part that makes me want to rock the world until a door that easily opens for others opens for her too.

Well, if her mother moved her to Maryland, There is a dream act, And a robust state university system that produces engineers on an industrial scale. By chance of a move, she moved to DC instead, but neither. She finally got a small scholarship to attend one of our pretty bad public colleges. But she went and graduated. She has already achieved it and believes she will achieve great things.

This story is not about baseball, but about the community, so I will talk about it. DC story. A small story that gets lost in discussions and chats. A true story about the actual consequences of our country drawing a fictitious border on someone else’s land and telling who can and cannot be here.

I want to tell her story not because she is extraordinary, but because undocumented people have to be extraordinary to deserve humane treatment, but simply she knows Because it is a person who cares. Her story is exactly the story of DC, the place and community where I grew up.

Well, I got lost in chatting Kurt Suzukiof Strange MAGA photo op At the white house Ryan Zimmerman While saying that MAGA’s mission was successful in essence, it praises the current president to keep the country “safe.” “We would also like to thank you for keeping everyone here in our country safe and making America the most livable country in the world.”

I like President Zimmerman enough Go golf together.. A president whose immigration policy detains and deports members of the community played by Zimmerman. The community that supported him in the World Series, which waited 15 years for him to reach.

Few people in DC Sports are more sacred than Zimmerman.He is our Joe Mauer,our David wright.. Our iconic good man Captain America immortalized with bobblehead dolls. Mr. National who wore No. 11 last in Washington. Franchise face.

It’s difficult to coordinate a gym that stands on the White House podium and declares American safety, and because there aren’t as many people as my students. It’s hard to reconcile the wealthy Caucasian Virginia Zimmerman with the long-time franchise who hit the Nationals’ first home run in the first World Series. A person who said that he grew up as a sports town with DC at the parade.

The Nationals have resigned Zimmerman on a one-year contract cushion. In addition to $ 2 million, it’s a performance incentive to stay healthy. Even if the buyout money he earns is $ 2 million, it’s only a small part of what he earned last year. The contract that everyone has seen comes.that is Gym After all. 2019 was almost a struggle for him, but they didn’t mean to let him go. His last home game will be sold out, no matter how many. The saint’s biography will surely be written. Some may even skip the visit to the White House and the disappointments and betrayals it caused.

Zimmerman has matured in Washington, DC, but not in Washington, DC. He makes it clear. He will certainly be a symbol of mascots, faces and franchises as long as it exists. I can’t support him, but when I can’t forgive the man, I can’t support the myth.

Ryan Zimmerman He told 500,000 people that he grew up with us. He did grow up, but I don’t know who he was.

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Best of BP: Mr. Nationalism Best of BP: Mr. Nationalism

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