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This article was originally published on June 12th.

As Rob Arthur was related in last week’s column, “Moonshot: Baseball’s Law to Face Unique Racism,Baseball simulation game designer Outside the park Faced with the problem: Negative personality traits were disproportionately assigned to color players, while positive traits and captains were more likely to be attached to white ball players.To Forum postIn response to feedback, longtime developer Markus Heinsohn declared that the root of the problem was in the old code, the impact of which was unintentional and will be fixed in the next content patch.

But before Heinsohn’s apology, there was a legitimate question about how the video game arrived in this state.After all, as Alex Speier reported Boston Globe On Wednesday, racism remains rooted in the baseball scout stadium, and racism can claim it. OOTPof Character evaluation inequality is a very real simulation of the Scout’s reality. Video games as an industry have struggled with racial stereotyping and representation as long as the media can graphically depict race. Even before that..

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This is a particularly annoying problem for simulation games such as: Outside the parkThat’s because it’s not always easy to see how a game should represent historical fraud. One example of the controversy at the time of release was the 2008 game. Sidmyers Civilization IV: Colonization.. Conversion of the highly successful Empire Construction series, colonization European colonists establish new world settlements and ultimately take command, giving players control over taking control of their territory from indigenous peoples.The criticisms surrounding the game were mainly inspired Ben Fritz, Subsequent editor variety Video game vertical, About ideas With the ability to make games to celebrate such evil historical moments. Responses from angry internet commentators said, “Colonization has happened, stop trying to whiten history.” “The media has always portrayed terrible things in movies / stories / games. Storytelling It can be summarized in two general themes: “not glory.”Do we say you shouldn’t have a movie like this downfall Already? Do we throw away all the unpleasant history?

The latter debate continues to live healthier than ever in the debate over whether video games can be non-political. Indeed, many want to be them. After all, video games were often non-political in early childhood, as they were an escape and an arcade experience that lacked the resources to talk briefly. But even comparing video games to movies (what the video game industry itself has always sought) is flawed because there are two important differences. Video games require interactivity and include win and failure states. The game wants you to do something specific. It doesn’t say Native Americans were killed, it asks you to kill them.To win in colonizationAs a player, you must meet certain conditions to demonstrate your moral abilities as needed. A value is assigned. You can choose to be kind to the indigenous people and not invade their territory, yes, but you are no longer playing games at that time.

According to some, the mere portrayal of racism is not a racist, but in their minds a historical simulation of the following: colonization acceptable. Especially in the United States, culture is obsessed with the concept of motivation, so that’s a common idea. That’s why many people react to the idea that someone could be called a racist, and being treated that way is almost as immoral as practicing racism itself.In OOTP The forum linked above, when the data was revealed, the reaction was almost instantly: This cannot be intentional. As if this reduced the harm.Some people are bad Other People — but it’s some bad apples (you know the old quote, “one bad apple sits harmlessly in a bunch”).Actually only a few I want To be a racist on purpose.

The argument that “simulation must be as accurate as possible” fails in two ways. For one, you can never do that. Technical and human constraints never allow for a complete simulation. (In the popular 80’s NES games RBI, African-American players look like Caucasians due to the limited number of colors the system can display on the screen. And when that becomes true, prejudice arises in deciding whether to make the game possible or enjoyable. The other is that if the designer gets too close, the designer himself will leave. colonization We have eliminated the slave trade, the system that underpins the entire colonial project represented by the game, and reduced the essential elements of historical depiction. Recreating the world is, in part, not an objective act.

Counterargument against Ben Fritz Right about one thing: it would be impossible to make a non-political version colonization.. It tells only one side of the story. Native culture is a character that cannot be played. But the story can and should be told in context to clarify what learning the game and its system means. This does not mean that there should never be violence or evil in video games. That means you can’t duplicate an existing evil without context, as if it were the only way.

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I don’t know how much Outside the park Systematic racism is by chance, how much faithful reproduction is, it is an accusation against sports and it is impossible to convey it. In any case, Heinsohn’s solution was correct. Given what real baseball looks like, it is necessary to maintain the value using proper contextualization to make the player understand that he is operating a damaged machine. I can. But removing that element and simulating baseball better than what exists is just as effective and much easier. Perhaps in the end, real baseball will make the decision.

Why is this essay published on the baseball website? Baseball is a video game, so LARPers play it. Like video games, baseball construction is a complete system construction, a forbidden rewarding action, and a formula that incorporates intent and spits out results. Some are lionized and some are ridiculed. We celebrate the people and businesses that best navigate those systems, reward them, and reward themselves for rewarding them. After all, sports are not the most objective history.

Racism in baseball is usually portrayed as personal. Adam Jones With the hospitality of Fenway, the image of the vitreous body, not the accomplice. The system doesn’t tell a good story. There is no drama in the red lining.But systematic racism exists in the game like any other place, and it’s not so well symbolized. Cap Anson And his whirling, waxed mustache. It lies in the cost of the travel team of young ball players and the selective bias posed by existing economic inequality. It lies in the lack of green space in urban areas of the United States, limiting children’s growth opportunities, and the development of roads that have killed past generations of stickball workarounds. It lies in the power structure of coaches and scouts, access to equal nutrition, and the ability to play sports after school instead of work. It is especially at the upper level of baseball and lacks almost any BIPOC from coaching to management and ownership.

And it exists in such a statement, mentally Gushers TweetI promise to make a promise:

All the while Take enough time Having planned to make actual concrete changes.

It is not anyone’s fault that these forces exist to limit access to sports for blacks and other minorities. Some of those systems were created by deliberate racism, but others were not. It doesn’t really matter. You need to deal with them, and in order to deal with them, you also need to deal with the persistence of past fraud (and the omissions towards it). The person who plays the game makes a mistake. They put their bases too far away, include bugs that break the game, and unknowingly spread existing racial stereotypes through invisible rules and regulations. When that happens, they need to apologize, solve the problem as soon as possible, and if they hurt people and make money, they need to return the money to the hurt people.

What they shouldn’t do is shrug and say, “That’s right.” Or show your support on social media, hold a theme night, and ignore why things happened this way. Major League Baseball cannot accept this situation and claims to see its own underlying racial issues and try to get it right. Baseball is already idealized and designed to be fair. That shouldn’t be realistic. It needs to be even better than it really is.

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Best of BP: The game enhances the simulated world Best of BP: The game enhances the simulated world

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