Best PS5 Controller 2021: Required PlayStation 5 Controller

It’s still proven to be a grand effort to secure the PlayStation 5. The morning I wrote this, I missed another inventory in about four minutes and screamed the next five in vain. But sooner or later, when we get it, we want to celebrate that opportunity by making sure it’s adorned with the best PlayStation 5 controllers. Just use your PlayStation 5 as yet another Netflix streaming device because you’re tracked, empty, or tired and don’t want to do anything to stress the last remaining brain cells. Round up the controller to make everything as easy and exciting as possible. ..

TL; DR-These are the best PS5 controllers:

1. DualSense controller

DualSense controller

on Amazon

Some current and older consoles now have a variety of first-party and third-party gamepads to choose from. However, the new features of the PS5 DualSense controller are a bit more advanced. This means that third-party controller makers are a bit behind in integrating the technologies needed for features such as next-generation tactile feedback and adaptive triggers. Therefore, this will be the go-to tool for most games.

Fortunately, it’s a great gamepad. It’s a bit small, but the amount of feedback it gets from the trigger and internal motor makes it one of the most responsive and immersive tactile controllers ever. The stick is also pretty good. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a driver to support some of the more advanced features, but we’ve gone our own way to do that with some of our favorite PC games.

2. PlayStation 5 Media Remote

Commerce artwork

Playstation 5 media remote

on GameStop

You had a hard day. Your brain is too fried to float a supercar or the Knights Templar. What you really want is to be able to stream your favorite shows with the push of as few buttons as possible. This media remote is here for you, like a little plastic friend who wants to help you relax without asking a lot of questions or navigating tedious menus.

It’s quite small and should be placed in a holster or similar so that it won’t be dropped behind the sofa or lost forever. And the buttons are not programmable. But anyway, you don’t want to tinker with the instruction manual to understand how to set the macro to play the next episode of Evangelion when you hit the sofa.

3. Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel

Commerce artwork

Thrustmaster T300 RS GT Racing Wheel

on Amazon

Like the gamepad, we’re still waiting for a racing wheel with PS5’s unique feedback and resistance capabilities. Until then, many PS4 compatible wheels will also work on PS5 games. This is one of the best wheels featuring full 1080 degree rotation. The T300 RS GT is durable and features modern, sweat-resistant wheels for white knuckle corners. Three sturdy metal pedals can really be hit.

There is no removed stick for the shift, but the shift pedal mounted on the wheel is durable and responsive. It works well on a PC. For example, it’s not as luxurious as Logitech’s leather-finished G29, but I think the rubberized grip on this wheel is a bit more functional and easier to clean.

4. Victrix Pro Arcade FS Arcade Fight Stick

Commerce artwork

Victrix Pro Arcade FS Arcade Fight Stick

on Amazon

Many of my friends who are obsessed with the fighting game scene still swear the fact that certain games need to be played on old school fight sticks. And given that they tend to kick my ass throughout the arena, I don’t tend to oppose it. For the PS5, I’m a fan of Victrix Pro, trying to run a particular combo and accidentally trying to run a completely different combo.

It’s hellishly stylish with a matte black look and clean, simple face buttons that go well with the PS5’s overall aesthetic. There is no classic and colorful arcade look, and the stick itself is a bit small. But it can withstand the mashing of my maniac and demonic buttons and has the responsive feel needed in the tense rounds of Mortal Kombat 11 and the heat of the next Guilty Gear Strive. I will.

5. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 4

Commerce artwork

Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 4

on Amazon

The PS5 currently has a limited catalog and does not have much use for a complete HOTAS setup. But that can change at any time, especially if Sony is driving the PS VR. So if you need a stick that works on your PC, it’s compatible with PS5 and Thrustmaster T-Flight has six.

It’s the perfect one-piece controller for console play, with a very modern and streamlined look that fits right next to the new soaring tower of postmodern pixel pumping. Both the stick and throttle switches and buttons are lifted and shaped for easy finding without looking down. This can be awkward with other sticks like Logitech where all the buttons feel the same. Also, PS and share buttons are built into the base, which are not usually found on sticks for PCs.

6. DualSense charging station

Commerce artwork

DualSense charging station

on Amazon

I wanted to buy a charging station for PS4. The shape of the DualShock 4 was such that if you leave it on a hard surface for a long time with the USB charging cord plugged in, it will actually bend and damage the charging port, causing the controller to break a little. This happened to me twice! So I’m not going to make mistakes on my PS5, and you shouldn’t.

This official Sony version has two DualSense pads in a rugged, streamlined little trough that uses the same shape and color as the console itself, so it blends in quickly. You can try it on your PC and relieve your thirst for new hardware when the console isn’t in stock anywhere yet. You can also enjoy uninterrupted games by hot swapping one of the controllers while charging.

Leana Hafer is an avid PC gamer. Talk Action-Talk to her on Twitter about RPGs, strategy games and more. @TilFolkvang..


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