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Best robot vacuum cleaner of 2020

The vacuum cleaner robot is one of the most electrical appliances sold in this pandemic. The longer we spend at home, the more we want to make it cleaner. At the same time, spending hours trying to make sure everything is perfect can always be exhausting. The supply of vacuum cleaners is exploding, with dozens of manufacturers competing in all areas. This list does a good job, but leaves behind low or midrange vacuum cleaners that are far from high-end quality.

These home devices are becoming more complex and many aspects need to be taken into account when evaluating a purchase. Factors such as suction, autonomy, navigation, dust filtering with EPA filters, mapping, artificial intelligence, and integration with home automation are important in choosing a robot that fits our needs. Buying a vacuum cleaner wasn’t as complicated as it was, and there weren’t many options.

Roomba S9 Plus

iRobot is an industry veteran. It actually invented the concept of a robot vacuum, which shows that his latest launch is the Roomba S9 Plus. iRobot has the best navigation on the market. It’s important to be able to move around the house, vacuum as much space as possible, avoid all obstacles, and move without getting stuck. The S9 Plus is perfect for vacuuming your pet’s hair. Since September, all iRobot vacuum cleaners connected to the internet have become smarter, Their AI.. Thanks to that, you can remember how often you use it and where it tends to collect dirt.

Dyson 360 Hulist

Dyson has one of the best vacuum systems in the world. The cyclone is used in the famous vacuum cleaner in the 360 ​​Heurist robot vacuum. The device has two advantages, which are also inherited from Dyson’s vacuum cleaner and fan expertise. The first is the vacuum cleaner with the highest suction power on the market. Another advantage is filtering, which is an undisputed leader. The air it emits is clean thanks to its EPA filter.

Kobold VR300

The famous Thermomix German Vorwerk also manufactures robot vacuums such as the Kobold VR300. This robot vacuum surprised us with the perfect balance of power and navigation. You can navigate your house to millimeters thanks to 11 sensors that help you map your house, a laser with SLAM technology, and some infrared and ultrasound. In the test, I was able to move between the chairs and the table without touching them.

Nate D7

Nate D5 was a great seller. The successor, the D7, offers a great balance of price and functionality. It’s not at the level of iRobot, especially vacuuming pet hair, but it’s twice as cheap. What’s more, it works much like an American brand. The laser guidance system is LIDAR, which enables excellent navigation. Autonomy is not the best on the market. Still, it doesn’t matter.

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Best robot vacuum cleaner of 2020 Best robot vacuum cleaner of 2020

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