Best Singing Competition Series currently on TV, ranking (according to IMDb)

The song competition series has been on the air for decades and dates back a long time. Star search.. And today, innovative programming with a unique twist on the concept is appearing one after another on linear network television channels and streaming services. Every concept seems to have been done, from focusing on teaching ambitious singers to emphasizing terrible singers and disguising who is behind the voice.

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We have a lot Reality competition show Today’s television has everything from dating to cooking. But when it comes to the best singing shows, this particular genre takes cakes in terms of diversity, not to mention the charm of celebrities.

Updated October 21, 2021 by Christine Persaud: Fans’ desire for television singing competitions is unabated, as viewers love to see singers of all kinds. Their identity.

In a show like voice With the jury attracting megastars such as Ariana Grande and John Legend, it’s clear that the next generation of music superstars could be shaped by one of these shows. Music is inherently pleasing to people, so the continued interest in singing shows on television is not surprising.

9 American Idol (2002-2016, 2018-Present) – 4.1

American Idol Judge sitting at the table

• Available on Netflix

American idol It is primarily considered to be the most influential reality singing competition series of this generation. It certainly introduces the most successful singers, like Kelly Clarkson – American idolFirst-ever winner – Carrie Underwood, and even those who didn’t win like Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson.

But for some reason, the viewer American idol The overall ranking is quite low. This may better represent the recent and old seasons. The show has undergone many changes. American Idol, in particular, has landed on Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to see the revolving doors of the judges. The show was also canceled by Fox in 2016, but was revived by ABC in its current home, 2018.

8 I can see your voice (2020-as of 2020) – 5.7

Ken Jeong, Cheryl Hines, Adrienne Bailon: FOX: I can see your voice

• Available on Prime Video and Hulu

Ken Jeong is hosting this unconventional competition series. This is a game show rather than a competition for singers. Rather, players try to guess who is in the group a talented, less-starred singer without hearing them sing. It’s all based on their lip-synching, Mannerism, profession, clothing, and other details revealed about their lives. A celebrity jury assists each player by providing insights. This is usually a reliable analysis provided by the judges to support their advice. It helps players rethink their decisions, for example, when they were tapping the microphone while singing, or their breathing did not match the lyrics.

Based on a Korean program I can see your voice It’s working well thanks to the hilarious hosting by Ken Jeong. A handful of celebrity fans may not know that they have a high degree..

7 America’s Got Talent (2006-Present) – 5.8

America's Got Talent Season 15 Jury

• Available on Hulu and Peacock

in the meantime America’s Got Talent Technically it’s not a song competition show. A significant proportion of the talent featured in the show is singers, not to mention the majority of last season’s winners.

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Based on the British original Britain’s Got Talent, America’s Got Talent It premiered in 2006 with the aim of highlighting all kinds of talent, from magicians to ventriloquists, dance crews and, of course, singers.favorite American idol, Another show under the jurisdiction of Simon Cowell, America’s Got Talent Throughout his practice, he has seen many celebrity judges, including Cowell himself, who is on the current roster.

6 Masked Singer (2019-Present)-5.9

• Available on Hulu

Celebrities who can easily perform the strangest shows on the list wear elaborate costumes to hide their identities. Masked singerAfter that, I go up to the stage, play various songs, and sometimes perform dance routines. A panel of judges and viewers at home listen to vague clues designed to mislead and guess the identities of celebrities. Some contestants are real singers, but others don’t sing very well. Masked singer Contestants have a secret talent for singing Although they are famous for working in other industries like acting and comedy.

Organized by Nick Cannon, who has hosted many shows throughout his career, this series is a fun series for the whole family who love to listen, take notes, and share their guesses. Since it was first released in 2019 Masked singer It even created a spin-off and became a big hit, Masked dancer..

Five Sing! (2020-Present) – 6.3

Sing On!Images of four athletes singing in Netflix series

• Available on Netflix

Netflix debuted in September 2020 and technically threw a hat on the song competition ring with this ring hosted by Tituss Burgess. One of the many popular game shows on Netflix It’s more than a competitive show of songs.Assumptions Sing! It’s unique in that 6 players need to play 5 songs on the same theme, but they play together. And there’s a pitfall: they have to sing the assigned lines from each song in a randomly assigned order.

It’s easy to get rid of, but each one is just as strong as the next person on the team. Sing!Is being compared with Weakest linkBut while singing. The show has not been officially updated by the streaming service, but has not yet been cancelled.

Four Voice (2011-Present) – 6.5

• Available on Hulu and Peacock

apart from voice Not producing so many stars to attract attention American idol, It’s still a much higher rank among viewers. Interestingly, however, many of the show’s attractions include four people, including names such as Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Nick Jonas, and flagship Blake Shelton. It’s a cheerful and witty joke among the judges. , Recently, Ariana Grande.

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The idea is to get rid of the prejudice about what a person looks like from the equation by having the judges turn their backs towards them during the first audition. As each judge forms a team, they provide one-on-one coaching to complete the singer and create a series. It ’s like competition between judges. It’s more than a competition for a singer. voice He has been nominated for an Emmy Award and continues to receive praise.

3 Lip Sync Battle (2015-Present) – 7.3

Tom Holland Umbrella Lip Sync Battle Dance

• Available with Paramount +

The series hasn’t been aired, but hasn’t been canceled since the fifth season aired in 2019. Lip sync battle It has not been officially announced so far, but will be moved to another network.

That said, this series is based on a short sketch that first appeared. Tonight’s show with Jimmy Fallon Produced by Fallon with John Krasinski and Stephen Merchant is actually the exact opposite of a singing competition show. Rather, two celebrities compete with each other to see who can perform the most exciting and entertaining lip-sync performance. So you don’t actually sing, but you pretend to sing a lot and finally one becomes the winner.

2 Rhythm + Flow (2019) – 7.7

• Available on Netflix

First released on Netflix in 2019, Rhythm + flow He has appeared in certain genres (rap) singers who have been mentored and criticized by a jury including hip-hop artists Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip “TI” Harris.

Not only this show Netflix’s first original music competition show, But it is also one of the first major music competition series focused on rap. Also, Netflix doesn’t comply with the same censorship regulations as network TV, so lyrical expressions are allowed.in the meantime Rhythm + flow We got a green light for the second season, but we haven’t confirmed a premiere date yet.

1 Song Grand (2019-2020) – 8.0

Judges of the reality singing competition series Son Grand sitting in a chair, such as John Legend and Ryan Tedder

• Available in TVision

A twist in this real-life song competition series is that it’s not just about songs, but about another important but often neglected aspect of business: songwriting. Viewers can see the entire creative process as athletes work with producers and well-known artists to write, produce and perform new songs.

Series created by former band member David A. Stewart EurythmicsFeatures Ester Dean, Ryan Tedder and Shane McAnally as judges. The third season has not been confirmed yet, but the show has not been officially canceled.

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