Best streaming service of 2020

Do you remember where you were during the Great Streaming War of 2020? Well, maybe you remember you were at home … streaming a lot of TV. But the bottom line is that despite emerging streamers like HBO Max and Disney + trying to build a foothold in big powers like Netflix and Amazon, cinemas have been closed extensively, so the 2020 event is certain. Prime Video hastened the importance of streaming in the entertainment world. Where does it end up? Who can say so far … Brings us to our best streaming service nominated for 2020.

Best streaming service of 2020

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video may not be rich in the original content that Netflix brings, but it has a rich library of both acclaimed original series and movies, as well as mainstream hits. The ability to enhance its library through Prime Channel and à la carte purchases is an additional perk. The interface can be fine-tuned, but its content library and fairly aggressive pricing strategy make Prime Video a powerful option for users who want to use it as a streaming source or as a Netflix backup. Hulu subscription.

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Disney +

The impressive lineup of old and new Disney + movies and TV shows is a good reason for Disney fans to subscribe. Thanks to 4K streaming at no extra charge and the ability to download titles for offline viewing, Disney + is in a good position to compete with other streaming services.

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WarnerMedia’s HBO Max streaming service has an impressive library of beloved shows and movies, and is arguably the most robust and widespread recognizable property for both adults and kids (what Disney + struggles with). To provide. If you’re already a HBO subscriber, at the same price, HBO Max opens the door to an incredible number of new classic titles and some interesting original series.

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Hulu’s strength lies not in its original content or big movie catalog (although there are many to choose from), but in its traditional network services and live TV plan options. This is the first and, in some cases, the only step for a code cutter trying to reduce their monthly bill while maintaining most of what they were watching on regular TV.

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Netflix has solidified its position as the king of streaming with a vast and diverse library of movies and TV shows, smaller than any other platform currently available. With an estimated $ 15 billion allocated to develop and acquire new content in 2019, streamers have ample budget ahead of their competitors. However, due to the consistent rise in monthly costs, the loss of acquired titles such as The Office, Marvel, and Friends, and the additional charge for 4K content, subscribers may set foot elsewhere.

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These are our choices for the best streaming services of 2020-let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make us, and yours Vote for the TV Series of the Year 2020 People’s Choice Awards!!

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