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Best Techniques for Achieving Climate Goals: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

NS Net zero carbon emissions The Prime Minister pressured government colleagues to take more ambitious action ahead of the Climate Summit on Tuesday, saying that the goal by 2050 would be a “big plus” for Australia if it could be achieved through technology rather than carbon prices. rice field.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison He agreed to attend next month’s climate change conference in Glasgow, Scotland last week, but his government colleagues have not yet approved his promise to zero.

“If you have a credible plan with the right transparency that is well known in Australia, that could be a big plus for Australia,” Morrison told Congress, referring to Net Zero’s goal.

“If you have the right plan … if you have the technology, not the tax,” Morrison added.

Morrison, a conservative coalition minister, abolished the carbon tax introduced by the centre-left Labor government in 2014. The coalition continues to oppose any measures that penalize polluters through carbon prices or taxes.

The Kuomintang, a rural-based junior coalition partner, is a major obstacle to Australia’s adoption of Net Zero.

Parliamentarians have been discussing the Cabinet’s draft climate policy for the past three days, but by Tuesday it had remained severely divided.

They showed on Tuesday a government model that predicts the economic impact of more ambitious climate targets.

Senator Matt Canavan of the Nationals was one of the members who didn’t believe in modeling.

“It’s ironic given that the party rooms here are lit by gas lights and are lit by people who want to stop using fossil fuels,” Kanaban said.

The government rejected the opposition call to publish the modeling.

Morrison said the global response “has significant implications for Australia’s rural areas and regions, but they also offer significant opportunities.”

“We understand that the plans the government is considering will have implications, so we guarantee that we can address both costs and benefits. This is not just a way to find opportunities,” Morrison said. Told. Said.

Morrison said he would announce the government’s plans by the next election scheduled by May.

Australia has reduced emissions by 2030 from 26% to 28 levels by 2030, despite many countries adopting far more ambitious goals, from the 2015 commitment at the Paris Climate Conference. We do not promise to reduce by%.

Morrison is unlikely to convince his colleagues to agree on the new 2030 goals before going to Glasgow.

Emission reduction is a political issue in Australia, one of the world’s largest exporters of coal and liquefied natural gas. The country also relies heavily on coal-fired power, making it one of the worst per capita greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Lack of conservative ambition Climate change It is seen as the reason behind the surprising re-election of the government in 2019 and the support of strong voters in the coal-rich Queensland.

Morrison argued that labor opposition pledges to reduce Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions by 45% by 2030 and achieve zero emissions by 2050 would destroy the economy.

Best Techniques for Achieving Climate Goals: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison Best Techniques for Achieving Climate Goals: Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

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