Best video game art design for 2020

Video games wouldn’t be like today without the artistic direction and design that brings the story to life.

From fighting in black and white Kurosawa mode to getting lost in a captivating land and seeing incredible details in the apocalyptic world, these are nominated for Best Video Game Art Design in 2020.

Best video game art design for 2020

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Ghost of Tsushima

What the art team wanted the game to act as a love letter to a classic samurai movie, without taking into account the fact that in almost every frame of Ghost of Tsushima, this was explicitly stated in optional black. Is clear. -White “Kurosawa mode”.

Ghost of Tsushima Photo Mode Greatest shot by staff

The two almost immobile duelists square in the moment before the deadly steel collision, and the grass gently undulates in the breeze. The distant summit is clinging to almost another world of fog. It’s easy to get distracted just by looking at these rich and exciting scenes. Forget all the open world goals you are pursuing. This is a premium screenshot feed and, of course, produced some of the best I’ve seen this year.

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Hades does more than just satisfy the gameplay and steam the hot gods. It’s a marathon through the underworld, filled with fun eye candy. Hades loves to play with contrast. The distorted guitar riffs play in the background, so the animation is smooth and accurate.

Hades screenshot

The environment is a rough, meticulously glamorous equivalent, with a color palette featuring bold color splashes and deep soothing tones. Even gods with very unique styles play with the idea of ​​soft and hard elements and wear layers of drape fabric along with polished metal and shining giant gems. These are the details that make Hades’ art design shine.

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Ori and the Will of the Wisps

With the Will of the Wisps, Ori has solidified its position as an innovative and gorgeous Metroidvania franchise. I just hope we haven’t seen it last. The sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest doesn’t feel like a departure as much as dial-in. Each of the simple changes made to the gameplay loop enriched the experience of flying around as a shining forest spirit and hitting the bad guys with energy. beam. But the real star of the show is mythical storytelling, and above all, the absolutely stunning artwork on display.

Yes, combat is vivid, and yes, platform puzzles are impeccable designs, full of exciting variety and diverse tactics needed to endure. But what continues to captivate you during Ori’s playthrough is a deep and fascinating world created by developers with truly unique and stunningly beautiful art. Navigating the world of Ori’s labyrinth is like studying living paintings. Power-ups and collectibles are the perfect excuse for revealing map details, finding other lovingly animated creatures, and confronting giant bosses. Simply put, Ori is fascinating.

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13 Sentinel: Aegis Slim

You can post a screenshot of 13 Sentinel and quickly draw a question as to which game the screenshot is from (is it even a game?). This is usually the effect of vanilla wear games, thanks to the long tradition of creating lush worlds and characters using 2D-style animations. Vanillaware was 13 sentinels and did two things. It’s about moving from the fantasy genre to science fiction while upgrading to the modern console era.

Playing 13 Sentinel reveals that this is not a coincidence. Vanillaware’s attention to visual and artistic details is shining when moving from an armored knight to a mecha or spaceship, and it’s all glorious HD. What time is it to live?

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Last of Us Part II

The Last of Us Part II will not be nominated for this category if its apocalyptic vision ends with abandoned buildings and destroyed roads. Naugty Dog’s true coup shows a world where nature is victorious, rather than designing a world where humanity is dying.

The story of The Last of Us is very personal and revolves around a few characters, but the world always reminds us that nature will come back when humanity declines. No matter where you look, under the beautiful blue miasma, the world of The Last of Us Part II depicts not only the collapsing human world, but also the victorious natural world. Mankind is a plague, and nature is not only healing, but victorious.

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