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Bestpass has over 20,000 customers and is on the lookout for interoperability

Bestpass is not only celebrating its 20th anniversary Achievement of over 20,000 customers.. Over the past year, leading providers of toll management solutions have achieved 100% customer growth and boast over $ 1 billion in annual toll transactions.

However, in an interview with CEO Tom Fogarty, who joined Bestpass in 2020, and long-time president John Andrews, the Bestpass team isn’t content with its glory, but is actively working on nationwide pricing and interoperability. It is clear that there is.

“Every great company that becomes great, or every good company that wants to stay in good shape, responds to the demands of the day and introduces processes designed for scalability, reliability, and innovation. We need to think about three years from now, “Fogarty said.

As the Bestpass team strives for fleet interoperability, one of the costly and lasting obstacles is plate tolls. According to Andrews, plate tolls cost the fleet and toll operators time and money. If the tollhouse reader cannot read the license plate accurately when passing through the tollhouse, the task asks the tollhouse employee to decrypt it. However, in many cases, license plates are not automatically linked to the vehicle owner or address, so tollhouses need to screen out-of-state DMV records. This can cost between $ 3.50 and $ 10 per vehicle.

“To solve both truck and tollhouse issues, Bestpass has registered license plates so that they can be read nationwide,” Andrews said. “This reduces the cost of the tollhouse and allows the truck company to be billed if the device is not read correctly. In fact, it’s more of a per-plate toll than using a transponder. It costs a lot of money to the tollhouse authorities to clear the total transaction. “

By registering plates and managers and ensuring finances, Bestpass streamlines the workflow of both carriers and tollhouses. Historically, truck companies managed their tolls internally. Truck windows typically show five to seven transponders, and full-time employees had to manage different accounts to save money.

“My favorite saying is that truck companies don’t want to spend more on money,” Andrews said. “That’s the toll. It’s not worth it when they have to put administrative costs on top of the costs. What Bestpass did outside the gate is to get all these transponders and accounts and get it 1 It was to put in one account, one phone, one device. ”

The roots of Bestpass’s success are its ability to resolve what the tollhouse has not resolved for the vehicle. However, in the future, Fogarty wants to help more small and medium-sized fleets punch beyond weight as they receive additional discounts. In addition to traditional tolls, Bestpass continues to expand its portfolio of business solutions.

“Red lights and parking quotes put a huge burden on vehicles in different municipalities,” Andrews said. “There are other services that are very similar to toll collection (parking, ferries, road use, congestion), and you can apply the same concept aggregation, simplified management, and a single payment point for your vehicle. “

Fogarty said: “We want to adjust our bills so that we can easily get credit if we receive duplicate bills. We will support our customers and prepare to stay ahead of the curve. . “

Bestpass has over 20,000 customers and is on the lookout for interoperability Bestpass has over 20,000 customers and is on the lookout for interoperability

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