Beta sign-up for PS5 system software has started –

Sony has announced the launch of a beta program for PlayStation 5 system software. Anyone who wants to test the new features of the PS5 system can now register.

Currently, PS5 owners over the age of 18 in the US, Canada, Japan, UK, Germany and France can register.However To put your name on the hat.

If you choose, you will be emailed with instructions to download and install the beta PS5 system software. In the future, beta will be automatically provided without re-registration. If you don’t like it, you can roll back your system software to the latest officially released version.

Changes have been made to the PS5 system software. Can you help me test them?

The first major update for PS5 was released in AprilAdd support for backing up external USB games, sharing play across generations, adjusting game-based chat settings, and more. They’ll share more about what we can expect in the coming weeks, but one of the biggest features they’re working on is unlocking the internal SSD expansion slot, followed by increased support for Tempest 3D Audio Tech. Everyone knows that it runs on surround sound systems and televisions.

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Sony regularly relies on the community to support future beta testing of system software throughout the PlayStation 4 generation. Last summer system update 8.0Prior to the launch of PlayStation 5, we previewed a fairly controversial change to the party and chat system.

On the Xbox side, Microsoft has a long-standing Xbox Insiders group that manages the groups that sign up for the program at different levels and provides step-by-step access to future software updates via alpha and beta rings. Sony is less free in beta testing and instead aims to provide less frequent but more substantive system upgrades.

Source: PS blog

Beta sign-up for PS5 system software has started –

Source link Beta sign-up for PS5 system software has started –

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