Bethesda Auction Todd Howard and Starfield Character Design

Bethesda has announced that it will auction other goods such as game consoles and games, in addition to the opportunity to design their own characters for Starfield.

Bethesda Auction Todd Howard and Starfield Character Design

The details of Starfield are still slim, there are rumors here and there, and SFRPG is currently under development.But now Bethesda has announced that it will hold a charity auction for the chance of lucky bidders to design their character. Starfield..

The winner of the bid will not only design the character of the game, but will also have the opportunity to work with Todd Howard himself and the Bethesda Game Studio team. The award also includes the new Xbox Series X and numerous Bethesda games, including The Elder Scrolls 5, Elder Scrolls Online, Fallout 4, and more. The description of the charity auction is as follows.

Everyone loves to create their own version of the hero of their game, but few players in the game itself actually become characters. The winner of this package will work with the award-winning team of Bethesda Game Studios, including executive producer Todd Howard, to create the character for the long-awaited next game, Starfield.

It’s unclear exactly how the design process will take place, but I think it’s more about creative input than actually knowing nothing about game design. But in any case, it’s not every day that I helped design the characters who participated in Bethesda’s new IP. This is the first time in about 25 years.

Characters will be created within 3 months of the February 28th auction. If you have cash to splash and want to support a legitimate purpose that benefits Make a Wish from Mid-Atlantic, you need to bid until Sunday. The current bid is set at $ 6,200 and will increase by $ 200.

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