Bethesda says the Nintendo Switch version of Doom Eternal will be a digital-only release

Doom Eternal Bethesda said the next version of Nintendo Switch will not be released in retail stores soon.

According to ‘s report, U.S. customers have been informed by GameStop that their game pre-orders have been cancelled, suggesting that the port may be at risk despite no official cancellation announcement. Was wondering.

However, in a statement provided to , a Bethesda spokesman said: Doom Eternal The pre-order was canceled due to 100% progress towards the imminent digital-only release on Nintendo Switch and the lack of a physical release at the retail store. Affected customers will receive a full refund. For more information, please contact your preferred retailer. Bethesda is also asking fans to “look forward to more information coming later this month,” so a formal announcement, including the release date, may be coming soon.

Doom EternalThe Switchport was first announced when the game was still under development in 2018, and following the previous title, a very impressive port to Nintendo’s hybrid console. Of course, all this was also before the fairly monumental news that publisher Bethesda would join the Xbox family next year.

Doom Eternal It was released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC earlier this year and was a lot of fun.

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