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Happy Thursday, Colts fans!

You probably shouldn’t bet, but you already know it and you’re going to do it anyway, right?

Every week during the NFL season, we publish articles detailing some games where the underdog have real shots to win, or at least keep it interesting. By betting on spreads, you can choose a team even if you think it will lose. Colts is x-1 for this season’s spreads and loved ones, especially this week with lots of crappy games!

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Let’s get started with the game!

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First of all, this week is not a great week to bet on the weak, as they are often terrible football teams and it is difficult to justify their bets.That said, there are at least three home locks this week Arizona-17 on Houston, LA Rams -15.5 Over Detroit When Tampa Bay-12.5 on Chicago.. These three games are bloody and messy, so I take them straight or take them to cover.

Starting with Thursday Night Football, the host Browns Will lose to Broncos +2 Basically the entire Cleveland list is injured. Perhaps not, but the idea that Case Keenum protects Browns’ home from Von Miller and Bronco’s defenses seem at least funny.

In addition, i like Bengals +6.5 On the road to Ravens, for some of the same reasons I like Broncos on the road. Ravens are really injured! I’m not saying that Lamar Jackson won’t win this on his own. It may be closer than a touchdown, but most are due to injuries.

Finally, and as you can imagine Colts +4 On Sunday night bay roads, it not only keeps it close, but also feels like an absolute lock to actually win the game. Jimmy G isn’t 100% and isn’t known to be the most mobile man anyway. Colts is hot.

Your turn! Who did you get?

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Betting against Spread Week 7 Betting against Spread Week 7

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