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The 29-year-old defense block Beukeboom is the latest newcomer to the Glasgow clan.

Canadian father Jeff, who has won the Stanley Cup four times at the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Rangers, was himself a Tampa Bay Lightning 2010 draft topic.

After spending a year at ECHL, Beukeboom headed to Hungary and 17 +26 to Fehérvári Titánok. After that, he spent two seasons in Denmark, scoring a total of 93 games and 30 points, including Odense and Frederikshavn.

“It was harder than I expected to find a job this year,” admitted Beukeboom. “The clan Gareth Chalmers sent me a message a few years ago to come, but I decided to stay in Denmark.

“As things went on this year, I decided to contact my acquaintance. I remembered that I was contacted by the UK, so the discussion started from there. In the end, the results were great and I played in the UK. I knew people who had done it and they talked about it really well.

“I am grateful for the work and I look forward to playing there. My goal is to continue to grow as a player and share my experience with some of the younger players on the team as older players. Is to do. “
Photo: Frederikshavn White Hawks

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Beukeboom joins clan for defense Beukeboom joins clan for defense

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