Beware, importing consoles from Europe-US has become more expensive

If you live in Europe and were one of the few people who ordered Analogue Nt Mini Noir some time ago, in the last couple of days you were still unlucky, so huge customs fees.

FedEx, which handles the shipment of Analogue, now needs to contact the person who bought the company’s NES with premium soup (including this lighter) and fork another console before getting the $ 500 console. I am informing you that. On top of that £ 201.60 / € 235.

Now, the natural reaction when faced with such a shock is as follows. “This must be a big mistake. I won’t rest until my hands are completely bloody … or at least get some of them refunds. In fact, it’s probably easier to just return the money. Who should I complain about to make this happen? ”Unfortunately, no one is liable in this case, except for the angry government.There are a lot of numbers in this article and if you haven’t practiced yours, endure with us here Brain training, You may have to spend your time.

As you know, the EU and the US have been fighting a bit lately. We could elaborate here all day long, but the point is that the United States gets angry with Europe for subsidizing European plane maker Airbus and enters the United States from European countries. He threatened to add additional taxes to goods worth $ 7.5 billion. Later, when the United States began offering similar subsidies to Boeing, the table changed, and the EU said, “We will add additional taxes to the $ 4 billion American product entering Europe.”

The Analogue Nt Mini Noir was one of the first gaming hardware to succumb to new prices when importing from the US to Europe. (Image: analog)

The EU has put together a huge list of categories of items that these new tariffs will cover. From cheddar cheese and ketchup to tractors and potatoes, it’s pretty random. But sadly related to our interest is the catchy-named product code 9540500000, which covers “video game consoles and machines.” Therefore, if you are importing a video game console from the United States, you will have to pay an additional fee in addition to the normal customs fees.

How much extra? Now, take the United Kingdom as an example. The UK is primarily based and the commenters continue to say that we all have prejudice, so let’s use that. Generally, if you import something from outside the EU and its value exceeds £ 15 (£ 39 for gifts), you would normally expect to pay 20% of the total price including shipping (specifically tax costs). To cover). bat). So if you buy something and the total cost, including shipping, is $ 200, for example, you’re likely to be charged $ 40 (converted to pounds).

This new EU tax will add an additional 25% to the video game console tax. That is, a $ 200 item comes with a $ 90 invoice. The regular $ 40 VAT and this new price of $ 50. As a result, people (and shipping) who spent $ 550 to get the Analogue Nt Mini Noir were expected to charge about $ 110, but are now charged $ 247.50. With FedEx’s own processing charges added to this, the British expect a total of £ 201.60 (about $ 270).

So the rake and the fiery torch are ready and head to the analog headquarters, right? Upon closer inspection, “spades, shovels, mattock, picks, hoes, forks, rakes” do not fall under the 25% rate. As you can see, analog doesn’t blame this. There is a legal obligation to accurately declare what you are selling and its monetary value, and the high rates appear to be consistent with the 45% tariffs currently being charged. The only way to get around this was to declare the console worth only $ 100 or as a gift. The problem is that it’s a scam.

Analogue says the demand for Pocket consoles in the future is huge and could lead to many unfortunate customers in Europe.
Analogue says the demand for Pocket consoles in the future is huge and could lead to many unfortunate customers in Europe. (Image: analog)

Analogue confirmed the situation when he contacted him and said:

Prices are VAT / tax from the UK or EU government. The UK recently added new taxes or raised existing taxes on video game consoles and machines imposed by UK Customs. Laws and regulations when importing goods from abroad vary from country to country and are the responsibility of the individual importing the goods (this is an analog contractual condition that must be agreed upon at all checkouts at the analog store. It is listed) .

No, analog can’t blame this high price. However, it can be accused of lack of communication with customers. The Nt Mini Noir has been delayed many times and would have been delivered if it had been released on time. Previous November 10th (when this 25% surcharge is incurred). Still, this can’t be helped. There is a clear delay, especially in this most turbulent year. Analogue did not deliberately suppress the machine to ensure that customers incur additional charges.

Nonetheless, the lack of general analog response (at the time of writing) has led to a growing backlash from Twitter, which is allowed to inflate and disseminate false information. For example, some FedEx customer service agents seemed unaware of the new rates and thought the problem could be due to the analog failing to declare the correct shipping information. As a result, many people online feel that this is due to the analog mess.

Of course, the new accusation just started two weeks ago, so there are cases where the analog really just recognized it (and again, if you explain this in a statement, most people do. Hope you understand, they are frustrated because they may be sacrificed). But there is an even bigger potential problem on the horizon, and this argument is not valid if it happens: analog pockets.

The company’s long-awaited handheld device is expected to ship in May 2021 and has received far more orders than the Nt Mini Noir, many from Europe. If this surcharge is still applied, UK customers who order handhelds and docks can expect to pay around $ 150, converted to what would then be in pounds. If Analogue wants to stay in the best books of European customers, we encourage you to email everyone with information about this extra charge. If this is not the case, make it completely clear to everyone that there may be an additional 25% on the normal import fee. It won’t be resolved by the time Pocket is ready to ship.

The significantly delayed Polymega has not expired until early next year and will probably foul for the same price if imported from the United States.
The significantly delayed Polymega has not expired until early next year and will probably foul for the same price if imported from the United States. (Image: Nintendo Life)

By all means, this is not responsible, so I can explain that I am not responsible. However, it is at least appropriate to make European customers aware of the situation and provide the necessary information to decide whether to continue the order or cancel it if it becomes a little expensive (especially like this). (At the time), when money is tight for many). Cancellation does not mean a loss of sale. There are thousands of people who missed the ridiculously small pre-order window.

It should also be emphasized that this is not an analog-only issue. All American companies that export game hardware to Europe need to be aware of this and pass that information on to their customers to avoid future confusion, shock and anger. What does this news mean, for example, for the constantly lagging Polymega, which is due to ship in February? European customers could only order through a single German distributor. Are you trying to charge even more than the premiums already added to recover these additional import fees?

It could be even more confusing, but if this was an EU decision, what would happen in January when Brexit was launched and Britain was no longer a member of the EU? Will the UK still be part of this deal, or will some sort of UK-US trade deal wipe out 25%?Did we actually manage to find it 1 What are the benefits of Brexit?

head hurts. We set out to pay this £ 201 fee and lie down while thinking about 402 cans of Irn-Bru. Maybe … I bought it with that money.

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