Beware of this strange blindness bug in Assassin’s Creed Valhara

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Like any other large open world game, Assassin’s Creed Valhara There are quite a few bugs. Most of them are slight (graphic hiccups, audio tweaks, their nature) or laughingly irreverent (Super large children), What to expect from a game of this size and scale. However, there is one thing that is worth the warning. It’s a global event in St. where Eivor’s vision goes black and stays there.

Good news? There is an easy way to fix it. All you have to do is talk to other NPCs. Bad news? With an apology to the Completionist, you may have a hard time completing your mission.

Very calm spoilers before the world event in St. ValhallaArea in the game.

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In the north of St. Hadrian, south of the monastery, I come across a man talking about a stone circle. Specifically, every time he counts stones, he gets a different number. Talk to him and the “Madness in the Stones” world event will kickstart. The task is simple: count the stones yourself. When you report, he will ask you to count again. Sure enough, it’s a different number. It ’s strange, is n’t it?

Assassin's creed showing madness at stone world events Valhalla's St region

WARNING: Create backup save files (or 3) before starting this world event.
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After three count cycles, Eivor begins to hallucinate. “Does Scrimir make me a toy? Is he chanting his magic in England?” She asks.For some people, including you, the screen really is Then it will be pitch black. The HUD, compass, and other visual clues will continue to appear, but vision will be lost. Some people may think that this sudden night blanket is part of their quest, definitely not yours, no, not at all, for a moment. Higher plane. It’s not.

Even more surprising, in some cases there is no clear way to fix it.Hallucination Assassin’s Creed Valhara Is usually caused by consuming fly agaric (reading silosibin mushrooms). This will jump you into a simple environmental puzzle first. The hallucinations disappear when you solve the puzzle. If you’re struggling with a solution, just move away from the puzzle and your view will return to baseline (because this is how trips work). But in this case it is not. Walk from this guy and his stone to where you want, and you still can’t regain your vision.

Assassin's Creed Valhara's Black Sight Bug

Missing from this photo is the idyllic, non-murderous countryside of England in the 9th century.
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At this time, this conundrum is not listed in Ubisoft Summary of known issues for Assassin’s Creed Valhara, Or Reported issues in the game Megathread, Updated yesterday. (((Kotaku I contacted Ubisoft about the fix. )

The easiest way to temporarily resolve this issue is to quickly return to Ravens Soap and talk to Gunner. His post is 10 meters in front of the highway travel location and there are no obstacles between you and him, so you don’t have to look for someone to talk to you in the dark. wait a minute. I’ll get there without any problems. (Technically, talking to someone who talks to you works well. It’s just that Gunnar is the easiest to access. If you can’t stand the guy, the Northwic shop is also easily accessible from the dock. ..)

In my experience, fast movement alone doesn’t restore vision and doesn’t restart games or the Xbox Series X. To make matters worse, this bug seems to remain in the save file. Visiting Gunner is not a panacea. Your eyesight will be restored in one play session, but no more. Now, every time I launch the game, I have to run the hallucination sequence again, but after 3 seconds I just lose my eyesight.given that Quick resume support no longer works ValhallaThat means I had to get rid of this headache every time I started playing. Do you know how many times you’ve heard Eivor complain about Skrymir’s magic? all right! He’s similar to Loki, but more jerky.

Completionists will be disappointed to hear that “madness in the stone” may be incomplete.The internet still has suggestions on how to restore vision And Complete “Madness in the Stones”, but it’s still capricious.

1 user Reddit (In spoilers) Proposed to use Odin’s eyesight —ValhallaRenamed version of Eagle Vision — A quick overview of the rambling man. From there, it is said that he can be used to move him towards his goals. I tried this and Odin’s eyesight did literally bring a second eye. You can activate it repeatedly for a little sight. But my horse was useless. Other commentators were clearly able to make this trick work, so they need to have a more reliable steed. Maybe you are luckier than I am. For now, stick to repeated trips to Gunner’s smithy, as if you were visiting a medieval ophthalmologist in a role-playing game. The load times for these next generations are fierce!

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