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Editor’s Note: After years of hype and controversy, CD Projekt’s Cyberpunk 2077 will be available later this week. I’ve spent about 40 hours in Night City so far, but I’ll make a final verdict later in the week. Not only do you want to spend a little more time on the game, but there are some stability and performance issues with pre-release builds. I would like to give CD Projekt a little more time to crush bugs and gain experience. Players of the same level will appear later this week. Before the final review, here are some impressions of this vast and frequently impressive open world adventure.

To briefly summarize Cyberpunk 2077, it’s not a very good idea, but I think it’s a lot smaller than I expected. It sounds like criticism, but it’s not. With all of Cyberpunk 2077’s vastness, its height, width and length, its vast monolithic night city, and the noise it produces, the attention required before launch is incredibly amazing. Often I’m focused.

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It’s still early for me, I should say-after 30 hours, I was still out of time and just found my feet and there was no doubt about the horror of many, but of that focus Many are placed in the central story of cyberpunk. It was a welcome surprise. Under the noise-and cyberpunk is really dissonant-and there’s a protracted thread of tenderness. I chose to play V as a woman with a “corpo” background. She is perfectly spoken to by Sheramie Lee and written with some skill. There’s real kindness, real vulnerabilities here-yes, there’s a lot of “this city chews and spits you out”, but the difficult story is rocking, and the V. so far. The surface of horror, not just the story of cyberpunk, is plated with chrome and anxiety and body horror gore, but is still built on the core of mankind. It’s more than I expected, and frankly, more than we would expect from marketing violence, the marketing of Night City as this wonderful, obedient, super-hedonistic playground. is. Night City is actually a vulgar swamp, and cyberpunk characters are drowning in it. So far, it’s more than just another pure open world synthwave skin.

Your background determines the start of the game, but otherwise it seems to act as a good role-playing prompt for conversations and the like.

There was a lot of frivolity and spirit, and this was the biggest tension in the game. For example, you don’t need to set a penis length slider or areola. I don’t understand the idea behind linking a character’s gender to the sound of a voice. This seems like a clumsy choice at best. And that relentless shock factor tone wave can be stuffy. It’s difficult to maintain V’s character as a human struggling for air-as she wrote-you decapitate through yet another enemy base, and you finally find It’s as difficult as scaring the soul of a disembowelment. I did the same thing along the way.

This is where cyberpunk becomes messy again and its purpose is unclear. Do you want to become a backstreet techno pimp that is proud of its vulgarity and put you up for sale with the stupidity of a base-filled world? And the joy of low eyebrows; or do you want to tell a story in that world? After using it for a few days, I’m still waiting for the latter, but I’m still not entirely sure if I know-and I’m still not sure if CD Projekt really does.

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A brief note about bugs: Unfortunately, there are many bugs at the time of writing. The most annoying thing is this animation bug that has bothered my time in the game and weakened some heavy scenes, but there are many others. Release date patches will come, and hopefully they will be resolved.

Other great marketing of cyberpunk is tied to a focus on immersiveness above all, and it’s impressive to see how central it is. CD Projekt’s signature world textures exist, and there are some inspiring and curious side quests that are accurate, but none really worth noting yet. Motion capture in the absence of bugs is excellent, not just for Reeves. Proprietary lip-sync technology, even in the absence of bugs, isn’t really just a gimmick, it gives the shallow people of Knight City a deeper conversation and shine. I hate sound design, honestly, but intentionally and exceptionally. I love it. All fly calls, blood drips, stuffy pain. Presentations, choices, and results are paramount.

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The world of cyberpunk stimulates awe and horror-finding the intent behind each is a challenge.

It is often an extraordinary benefit, but sometimes a drawback. In the story, the situation unfolded with quite dramatic differences, often with unknown choices. For example, someone else playing asked me if they knew how many ways to save a particular character in one mission. I was confused-in my game, the entire mission setup was based on their death. It would be a great immersive if you were just here to obey the flow and come on board, but if you want a particular result or want to know the result of what you are trying to decide on Is not. Here in the real world, there are three or more simple dialog options that influence your decision. There is a limit to the realism that a game can mine simply by providing blind type options.

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Most of my adventures start with a scan like this, everything is quiet, but it doesn’t last long. There is nothing that some mantis arms can’t solve.

Of course, there are more or less multiple approaches to every mission, and certainly every mission has a chance of combat. This is far from a new concept. For example, this kind of mission feels particularly close to the realm of Deus Ex, but what’s striking is the seamlessness of cyberpunk as it transitions from one to the next. For me, it’s usually a coincidence-I’m stealth and trash, but I like to try it-still, more than “stealth passes” and “hacking options” as to how the scenario runs. Often there are things, and the turmoil becomes a blast.

However, one of the things Cyberpunk 2077 doesn’t do is immersive simulation. At least not perfect. The key to that particular joy is how to wind the world into an improvised truck like a toy car and then move it, relying on a particular type of trust that can be built with the particular physics and internal logic of the world. .. In cyberpunk, things are a bit strict. The solution is open-always there are options-but those elaborate chain reactions possible from what’s burned into its internal mechanics aren’t enough. Especially in the intelligence skill tree, which contains most of the more complex options for managing hacking skills and executing complex plans, there’s still a lot to unlock, but it’s one of five skill trees. And they are slow.

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The system has some depth and can interact well, but it takes a very long time to scratch the surface of its potential.

It’s worth talking about that too. One of the few things that has been excluded from many of CD Projekt’s demonstrations and previews is a correct understanding of how Cyberpunk 2077 actually flows, momentary motives, ongoing goals, and what to do. Is to do. Simply put, this is: You earn XP from doing things. It feeds into a core group of attributes (body, reflexes, technology, cool, intelligence), within which it becomes a group of two or three perks that are the actual skill tree. First, assign some points to each of these five attributes, and the higher their level (eg, reflexes), the higher the quality perks (eg, bleeding damage) that allows you to put points in the associated tree. ) Is assigned. Benefits in the blade tree). This is all boring and technical, of course, but I think it’s relevant because it’s probably the core system of the game and the results come out. Simply advance the game and complete missions to unlock attribute points and build your character as you like. However, you can actually use those skills to unlock most perk points to hone and tweak a particular skill set. Basically, everything has a clever dance. Playing with them improves certain playstyles faster (in the case of blades, most often done by chopping people), but there are still options for shaping things in the other direction.

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So far, Cyberpunk 2077 is at its best in the quietest moments, away from its own noise and cheap tricks, where the knack for CD Projekt’s true human character is shining freely. I’m expecting more.

So far, the biggest shame is that many things are trapped deep inside the skill tree. The worry is that you can’t go too far in the story and fully enjoy everything, even the narrow, professional slices that cyberpunk offers. For now, I feel that combat is limited. Guns are repairable and melee attacks are fun in a slightly unpleasant way, but very simple-think The Elder Scrolls, but even simpler: a one-handed weapon. The sensation is a good way for me to get into Cyberpunk 2077, but still waiting for the system to actually open.

Still, they may. And the story may settle into its promising rhythm, now it’s paced beyond the initial shock and awe. As a result, Cyberpunk 2077 could be a little more mature. I carefully expect everything to come together. If so, that would be pretty much something.


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