Beyond Light Review

When you think about it, it’s strange to call BeyondLight an extension. With its launch, Bungie cut a ton of content from the game and placed it in a vault, leaving a new area for Europa and Cosmodrome to fill the literal black space that Titan, Mars, Mercury, and Io once had. That said, a huge amount of content has been added and secrets are constantly being discovered, but with the new Deep Stone Cryptrade unlocked, you can see how effective Beyond Light can be.

Removing the four locations, their strikes, stories, etc. affects the entire game, but personally I’m not too crazy about storing content. If you’re a regular Destiny player, you’ll run the same strikes and missions hundreds, if not thousands, and get tired of them. Raids can only be played with 6 friends and are much less run on a regular basis, resulting in more losses. About 75% of existing weapons are also redundant. You can continue to use it, but the light level is locked before the Beyond Light level, so you can only actually use it in Crucible. I’ve run out of my beloved breakneck, which has been my mainstay for many years, which means I’m experimenting with new weapons and combinations, which Bungee was trying to encourage.

Another big change is the story of the new player. With much of the old content stored, the new Guardian will be taken over by Cosmodrome Guardian Shaw Han, giving him a whole new starting point. But this story seems to expect you to know the events of Red War and other major moments from the history of Destiny 2.

Still, this restart of Destiny 2 is Destiny 3 for all intent and purpose. Bungie has completely reworked the game and significantly reduced load times. It takes 15 seconds to warp to a new planet. It used to take.Area Absent Wiping has also been fixed with new lighting, and existing strikes have been adjusted with new effects. It all runs much smoother-the game was used for stuttering and jerk when things got busy on the PS4 Pro, but now it’s not.

Beyond Light gives the first impression that the new map Europa is big. The second impression is that it’s bloody, filled with secrets discovered by a huge open area, and a snowstorm reduces visibility to almost zero. The Fallen City and Clovis Bray facilities continue from the main map, with a twisted tunnel leading to a new location. Unlike many previous non-Raid Destiny 2 locations, it’s surprisingly vertical. There are also new enemies wandering the landscape. They have high power levels and are shocked when first loaded. In other words, for the first time since its launch, you can’t fight the enemy from the beginning and you have to sneak past it. ..

In contrast, the Cosmodrome is similar to the version used in Destiny 1, with seemingly the same enemies spawning. The design decisions made with the PS3 and Xbox 360 in mind left something that looked pretty empty at the time compared to other Destiny 2 open world areas. I wish I could make things a little more lively.

It takes an amazing amount of time to complete beyond Wright’s story, and while previous extensions could be completed in a few hours, the story is unraveled more slowly here. The story says, “Did you know that all Destiny NPCs say it’s really bad since 2014? It turns out that’s not the case.” A longer, more complex version is the latest about Destiny’s lore. It doesn’t make sense for those who aren’t, but I’ll go here anyway.

A new big villain, Fallen Keruelamis, wants revenge on the traveler who abandoned her and her people, so she looks at the mysterious pyramid ship that just ate two planets and two satellites. I was given new power and stasis. This icy power has spread throughout her followers, and you need to stop her and her minions. During the adventure, you too will gain the power of Stasis and bring new Supers to each class with new Stasis grenades and weapons. While that is happening, subplots about dysfunctional families are also being developed.It’s on the verge of turning into something you’ll see in EastEnders However You can manage to avoid becoming overly dramatic.

The new Stasis Power is controversial, especially in PvP. Some people love them (like me) and others hate them. Stasis grenades that grow ice from any surface are especially fun, allowing you to block doorways and create new platforms to bring new life to your old PvP maps. In the case of the super, the new stasis power ground control is basically the same as the arc smash, so the Titan gets the short end of the stick. Activate it to hit the ground and freeze or destroy the enemy in front of you. Warlock gets a shade binder. Shade Binder gives players a large ice cane that can glide like the love child of Elsa and Emperor Palpatine while firing a freezing blast. Freezing. Depending on whether you are a hunter, it is crucible and especially annoying / great.

The new raid, launched over the weekend, seems to be one of the best ever. It looks great and is done here in multiple places, avoiding spoilers. Completing that will also unlock new quests for more new weapons, such as the chainsaw sword you can’t wait to get. It’s impossible to cover all of Beyond Light’s new content, including weapon perks, new exotics, new armor, secret areas, hidden quests, Varik stories and prizes, but so far the experience has been great. Thing. And there’s more to discover. A special mention goes to the credible Nolan North, where it’s clear that it was so much fun to speak out your ghost in a particular mission when certain other characters weren’t available.

If you’re not busy with Europa and Cosmodrome alone, Beyond Light’s parcel also includes The Season of the Hunt, the first article on this year’s Season Pass. Watch the Guardian return to Tangled Shore, a place that hasn’t been used much since it first arrived in September 2018. As in the previous season, this is a big grindfest, but sadly it borrows an idea from the removed Menagerie to get a new gizmo, the Cryptolith Lure. This can be filled with tokens earned by playing other activities in the game. These allow you to change certain aspects of your armor and weapons that you gain by completing a new activity, the Wrathborn Hunt.

The hunt itself is not very exciting. Poke a stick into the ground, hit a big servitor, follow a green goo, defeat a big shielded enemy, rinse, repeat Adnas M. The lure – aha – means you might get a really good roll with weapons and armor, but that’s not of interest to me. There are so many good weapons from other activities that are running the same couple hunting over and over again just to get the divine role, which seems like a waste of time. Bungy has also further grinded this season as he has to charge the crypto lure by completing three gambit, crucible, or strike activities before going hunting. You can save 3 charges and fill the lure by completing the weekly Destiny grind anyway, but it seems like an unnecessary extra step just to fill things up. The hunting season also sees the resurrection of evil, and until recently, as a very dead, bad man … good man. Their story seems to gradually unfold in the coming months.

There are some issues that are scattered throughout. The huge European map has two spawn points, both close to the south of the map, so if the quest is in the north range, you’ll need to compress the snow-covered waste for a few minutes. There is. At least, there are no more in-game loading pauses for PS4. Then there is the expected grind that will appear after the main story. You will repeat the mission over and over again without change. It’s a shame that the bungee hasn’t rolled out that idea to every repeatable mission when some of the old strikes confused things by changing the type of enemy or giving them different passes.

Additional content is approaching to make up for the deleted areas, such as a reworked version of The Vault of Glass and a new strike, both months away. That’s a shame, but it’s probably understandable given that Bungie, like everyone else, has tackled the challenge of working from home in 2020.


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