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Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s reception has been relatively confused in the past, but the map of Europe and related content is a welcome addition to the world. Especially a new strike.

Europe has brought a new strike titled Grassway, and the returning Cosmodrome has a disgraceful strike. Glassway is a brand new strike that takes players on a long journey to the heart of Europa, where they confront Vex’s army. This is probably one of the best new strikes I’ve ever seen, with both new enemies, different types of encounters, and unique art styles.

This guide provides a general overview of each encounter, along with some simple directions and weapons and strategies to help you the most.

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Europa – Glassway – Recommended Power Level: 1100

Enemy type: Fallen, Bex

Loadout recommendations

Glassway is a difficult strike with a mix of long-range and short-range encounters, so you’ll want to focus on different types of weapon combinations. A sniper rifle is absolutely necessary to attack new Wyvern enemies, especially if they are below or above the power level of the strike. Pulse rifles help deal with medium to long range encounters and many of the weaker enemies on strike. A grenade or rocket launcher in a heavy slot provides the damage output needed for many powerful enemies and the damage needed for the last boss.

With the right element type, it can also help with powerful shielded enemies. Therefore, it is the most common throughout the grassway, so you need to make sure that both voids and arches are covered.


  • A pulse rifle is required for medium to long range encounters and general enemy clearance
  • Sniper the damage of Wyvern enemies and bosses
  • Grenade or rocket launcher for powerful enemy and boss damage
  • Make sure you have Void and Arch weapons

Glassway starts the way most strikes do. This is to get off with a short sparrow in the ice canyon. Keep going down your path until you reach a raised platform where you have to jump many times. Shake to the left from here and you’ll encounter some fallen, including some shanks, dregs, and captains. This is a great big open space, but none of the enemies here will cause you problems.

In a fallen state, proceed along the edge of the cliff. At the edge of the cliff, you will see more fallen shanks and acolytes. These shouldn’t be too much of a problem, but you should be aware of the space between them and the crevice below. It’s not that hard to distract and fall here! As you continue walking, you will find yourself in the first proper encounter with the strike.

Nexus – Encounter One

As soon as you enter the small area, some fallen retches will spawn to the left and towards the back of the room towards the door with the fallen barrier. You will be tempted to rush in and defeat each enemy quickly, but servants will appear soon, so take the time to pick up each enemy with a pulse rifle and then concentrate on the servant with a sniper. This first encounter is only a short one and acts as almost a kind of warm-up for what is in the next room.

With the servitor down, cross the room through an open door that is no longer blocked by a fallen barrier. After passing through a short tunnel, you can meet your next encounter.

Nexus-Encounter 2

The second encounter with the nexus is similar to the first encounter, with a large number of fallen enemies along the edge of the cliff, but here the stakes are slightly raised along with the tougher enemies. You can. As you approach the area, Fallen Dregs will spawn outside with Warrior’s Enforcer and Powerful Servitor. If you are not leveled, both of them will hit hard, so keep your distance and pick up all the enemies around you with your pulse rifle. Heading to this area, there are large pillars and small rocks on the right, both of which provide the best coverage for shooting.

Now that the weak enemy has been killed, it’s time to focus on the servicer and enforcer. First, use a sniper in the servicer. Critical hit spots are fairly easy to shoot and less likely to move around like an Enforcer. If you can afford it, use heavy ammunition that needs to damage the Enforcer, then finish with a sniper rifle or pulse rifle. Focusing the fire together as a team, with all the other enemies in the room defeated, allows the warrior executor to work quickly.

The corrupt barrier in front of you should open, and you can climb your way into further caves. Then hug the wall on the right and jump between different platforms before reaching another opening, creating another fallen barrier.

Nexus-Technocrat Assistant

This encounter is very similar to the last time, but there is one big difference. The technocratic assistant, the sub-boss of this encounter, uses a new element of stasis for you and your fellow guardians. This element freezes you on the spot. That is, you cannot move and will be damaged until you are free.

Fortunately, this encounter can be played as before. Sit down and use the cover to defeat weak enemies in the area before moving focus to the spawning Servitor. If the servant collapses, focus on your efforts as a fire team and use heavy weapon snipers to damage your assistant. Note his resting ability, which can stop very suddenly. When the technocrat’s assistant goes down, the fallen barrier will fall again and you will be able to proceed to the center of the cave.

Go through the door and find the fallen dregs next to Beck’s Milk Falls. Fallen down, turn left into the river, cross the platform and cross the bridge at the top of the area. You will find yourself in the Grassway area, which starts with many platforms and fallen enemies. It is advisable to come and go carefully as you may be surrounded by it.

If you’re fast enough, you can actually get through here without killing your enemies, so keep that in mind if speed and time are important to you!

Glass House-Encounter One

Do you remember saying that you need something with a range? The next encounter is a little different, as it leaves the Guardian to rest while draining the radiolarian fluid. Several fallen shanks, explosive shanks, and vandals appear in the upper left and right. As a team, you have to drain the liquid and defend against the oncoming waves. Ranged weapons here will help you deal with enemies before they get too close. This is especially important if it contains an explosive shank. Because you and your fire team are in close proximity, it’s not difficult for everyone to die, even if you’re not leveled.

Once the liquid was drained, it was time for you and your fire team to cross the pit below. Fallen dregs, Shanks, and servicers have sprung up in this area, and there is also a fire from above, courtesy of the Vandals. Enemies at your level in the pits have plenty of coverage, but it can be difficult to hide from the vandals above, so you’ll want to focus on killing them first and foremost.

To open the fallen barrier at the other end, you need to kill everything in this area, so it’s time to start your final encounter.

Glasshouse-Belmont Boss Fight & Wyvern

Having overcome many encounters, it’s finally time to fight the Grasshouse Strike boss. Don’t be disappointed! As you enter the room, you will notice a large portal and a pool of Beck’s milk. To the left and right of the entrance are two back rooms that wind towards the lower floors near the pool. If things get a little too busy, check the layout on both sides.

If you remove a few fallen enemies and start the encounter here, two hydras will appear. One is a typical run of Mill Hydra and the other (named Belmon) is about four times as large. Both will spawn in the arena, with Vex Minotaurs and Goblins on the left and right. Drop Vex reinforcements first, then focus on damaging the boss. This is where the sniper rifle you brought comes in handy. If you want to get Belmont’s attention, sit well behind here and try to hide. It hits incredibly hard and can be a one-hit kill if you enter it in a leveled state.

The general flow of this encounter is to kill weak Beck’s, kill powerful enemies, and damage bosses. In the middle of the encounter, a new type of enemy called the Wyvern will begin to spawn in the area. They attacked violently with powerful long-range and close encounter attacks. This is a convenient place for sniper rifles and you can shoot with red eyes. This will open a white critical hit spot just below. However, be aware that Wyverns launch potentially deadly assault attacks. Fortunately, a melee attack can counter this plunging charge.

You should be able to defeat Belmont by sticking to the loop mentioned above while away from the line of fire. This is a difficult Vex boss and the best thing you can do at the moment is to be patient. Attack Belmont with a sniper rifle and powerful weapons, but it’s so easy to wipe, don’t forget the rooms in the back left and right!

Enjoy your Loot Guardian, you have won them.

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Europa, The Glassway Strike Guide

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