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Most of the Destiny 2 community has already gone through Beyond Light’s new story, so there’s no doubt that they’re looking for something else to keep occupying them for the next few months. Fans are lucky as Destiny has launched its latest seasonal activity. This should allow players to focus until the New Year.

If you’re reading this before completing Beyond Light’s story content, be aware of the spoilers above!

Beginning with the Guardian’s mission to save Osiris from the hive, Uldren Sof (now going by Crow again) appears to save our old Warlock from imminent death. Following this short mission, you will be tasked with visiting the tangled coastal spiders, along with Crow’s hideout, which is literally around the corner. The spider asks you to work with the crow to defeat the new enemy type, Rasborn. These hive and fallen-focused missions take a short, desperate hunt, a bit reminiscent of Monster Hunter, to visit the tangled coasts and dream cities, but not so much fun.

When you visit a spider, talk to a crow who will give you a cryptris lure.

What is Cryptolith Lure?

Anyone who spends any time at The Chalice of Opulence during Season 7 will find yourself at Cryptolith Lure. The lure finally features several mods that can be slotted in to generate the desired loot drop. Currently, there are two enemy types, Fallen and Hive. Fallen Slot Drop takes you to the tangled shore, and Hive Slot takes you to Dreaming City.

Lure charging

You need to charge the lure before you can start the hunt. This can be done in three ways: complete the strike, join Gambit, and play in Crucible. Completing any of these activities will fill up to 3 charges before you hunt, so it’s up to you to shatter all 3 charges at once or run them in a full loop at once.

If you’re looking for quick billing, we recommend manually loading it into the Lake of Shadows Strike in EDZ. This is the fastest strike in the game and should give you 30-40% of the charge. If you are skipping most enemies, the strike itself can be completed in 5-7 minutes. This means you can easily fully charge it every 15 to 20 minutes.

You can also accelerate the process by performing bonus actions. These goals may apply to activities that you are already focusing on, but they are probably not worth the hindrance to carrying them out.

Once you get the charge, it’s time to put on the PreyMod. What makes Lure so good is its ability to target specific rolls (more details soon) or power drops. Looking for a power-up for Chest Armor Slots? Slots great, related play mods into lures and adds mods that allow you to roll back and leave certain types of perks.

Lure upgrade

The lure has 5 upgrades, including an increase in the amount of powerful drops, an increase in the number of drops, and an increase in the amount of mod data that can be retrieved. Mod data is the key to upgrading your lure. Crow trades them in exchange for reputation upgrades that level up the mods themselves.

Unlocking and using mods

Mods allow you to change certain elements of the weapon or armor you are working on. You can add strong or weak mutation slots to look for a particular weapon or armor roll, but it’s not 100% accurate. Instead, mods increase the chances of achieving the current metallole. Each mod is a one-time use, so if you’re looking for a particular perk or stats base, you’ll need to farm them.

Unlocking a new mod is very easy. You can unlock mods in progress by simply playing the hunt to the end. Crow also sells a selection of mods that refresh every day, so be sure to check in with him.

Rathbone Hunt

Head to your destination and the spot marked with a lure on the map. If both hunt types are close to the starting point of both locations, but you’re having trouble finding it, you should see it as a light blue marker. Find a huge hive structure that looks like a shell and lower the lure. The first monsters to hunt will appear with some weak enemies. Defeat the monsters that spawn left and right from the boss. This should include two powerful enemies. These powerful enemies drop damage buff zones where they die. In other words, you can do additional damage to Wrathborn monsters.

When Wrathborn reaches about 25% health, it boosts immunity and disappears into the thin air. To meet monsters for the final showdown, you need to track them through levels. Fortunately, tracking bits are pretty easy. There is a mission marker that gives you a nice big green path that the monster will follow and at the end it will take you to a confrontation with the monster.

Here you need to follow the path in front of you to reach the fleeing Wrathborn. As you approach the structure of the hive, you have the option of repositioning the lure and ending the low health Lasbone from the first encounter. When you finish them, the actual boss will be displayed and you will be prompted for the same confrontation as the previous boss.

Once again, you need to send a weak enemy and then a strong enemy to sit in the damage buff. Xillox is the toughest monster you’re facing right now, but using the damage buff zone shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Best loot from Wrathborn Hunts

Besides some armor, there are also some pretty solid weapons you can find in this season’s activities. Meta is constantly changing, but the following weapons and perks are the current roles you should aim for.

Deafening whisper

The grenade launcher adds serious firepower to your weapon, and deafening whispers do so without occupying heavy slots. This void energy grenade launcher is very effective at firing waves of energy when a projectile hits the ground, damaging a large number of enemies over time.

There are several different roles to look for at the moment, but you’ll need the following:

  • Linear compensator / quick launch / smart drift control
  • High speed round
  • Lead from Gold / Ambitious Assassin – This is great for PvE
  • Kill the wind / surplus – This is great for PvP
  • Rampage / Wellspring / Automatic loading holster
  • Friction fire

Submachine gun

Submachine guns have long been popular and offer excellent maneuverability and firepower in one package. The Friction Fire is a kinetic SMG with a magazine size of 26 and fires 600 shots per minute. Friction Fire allows you to choose from a variety of rolls, so divide them into the best rolls for different modes.

PvP & PvE

  • Flute barrel / hammer forged rifling / small bore
  • Tactical mug
  • Threat detector
  • Vorpal Weapon / Rampage


  • Polygonal rifling
  • Accurate round / stable round
  • Killing Wind / Zen Moment
  • Well spring


  • Corkscrew Rifling / Expansion Barrel
  • Additional mug / expansion mug
  • Survival / field preparation
  • Sympathetic arsenal

Do you feel like you missed something? Do you have questions about Wrathborn Hunts or Cryptolith Lure? Let us know in the comments below!


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