Beyond the Steel Sky Launch Trailer

Beyond the Steel Sky Trailer

Beyond the steel skySwitch’s new 3D adventure thriller has received a launch trailer from publisher Microise and developer Revolution Software.

For more information on the game, please read the following overview.

“Beyond, the long-awaited sequel to the cult classic Beneath a Steel Sky, with art direction from the creator of the Broken Sword series, Charles Cecil, by the legendary cartoonist Dave Gibbons behind Watchmen. a Steel Sky ”is here.

You are Robert Forster. The child was kidnapped in a brutal attack. You vowed to take him home. But this road has led you from a community of desert wastelands to Union City, one of the last remaining megacities in a world devastated by the collapse of war and politics.

Fortified and inaccessible, it is a utopia where people live happily under the supervision and control of benign AI. But everything is far from what it looks like …

“Beyonda Steel Sky” is a dramatic and humorous cyberpunk thriller where fascinating puzzles drive a fast-paced story set in a dynamic game world that reacts to and destroys player actions.

Check out the Beyonda Steel Sky launch trailer below.

Beyond a Steel Sky will be released digitally for Switch in North America on December 7th and will be physically released on December 14th. UK users will get a digital copy now and a physical version on December 7th.

You can find the official website of Beyond a Steel Sky here..

Beyond the Steel Sky Launch Trailer

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