BFF or die: find a best friend in your home


  • BFF or die Is a sofa co-op game that you can enjoy with your friends, family and loved ones.
  • It will be fun to sit around the TV together and play as a time travel alien who will help each other over the mazes, puzzles and dangers of ancient Egypt.
  • This is a big problem for a team of three. Our passion project will be announced on Xbox One.

I’m Shaz, a game designer from BFF or die.. As a lifelong gamer, I grew up playing video games. My most memorable game moment has come from meeting a group of four friends throughout the weekend and playing local multiplayer games. I look back on those days. They made me realize that games can be a social glue to build lasting friendships.

We have been developing BFF or die a long time. We started with a demo and brought it to several local events where indie developers gathered to talk about the game, make friends, and learn from each other. Even as a very early demo without graphics, people really seemed to enjoy playing with them. With these first playtest sessions, we wanted to make it a proper console game.

That dream marked the beginning of the path that led us … here! For over four years, we’ve been touring gaming events in the UK, with thousands of people playing games at every stage of development. Their reaction shaped the game and helped them understand which features they maintained or changed.

BFF or die

Demonstrations have been brought to great events such as EGX and Insomnia Gaming Festival. Encouragingly, we have won several awards like GameOn 2.0’s Best Multiplayer Game! In those early days BFF or die It was relatively unpolished. There was no financial backing, so we made it in our spare time, which required a lot of patience. At the same time, we were all doing “normal” daytime work so we could afford to make this game.

In the process of development, we also received some amazing news – selected by the UK Games Fund BFF or die Be one of the few games to receive funding that year! So we were ready, spending more time on the project, rewriting the code, improving the art style and refining the gameplay. We also founded ASA Studio, a company name based on the first letter of Forenam.

BFF or die

Things seemed to be going well. We self-published on PC, collected feedback and made some long-awaited updates! The excitement from streamers and players has made every effort worthwhile. After working with new publishing friends in 2Awesome Studio to make some more changes to the game, BFF or die You can now play on Xbox One.

We hope you enjoy playing in single player mode or in local cooperation mode with your friends. If you win the story mode, you will have an “infinite trial” mode. Before I die, I can take about eight challenges to endless trials-see how much you can get!

BFF or die

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BFF or die

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BFF or Die is a cozy and crazy co-op puzzle game that you can play with up to 4 players. You are a time travel alien sent to Earth on a dangerous rescue mission. Use gadgets to overcome dangers and survive! As a time travel alien, you need to set foot on a strange planet called “Earth” to rescue Orbees, a mysterious species that helps you build an important set of gadgets. Take charge of each gadget, combine abilities to develop strategies and save your friends. Survive with cunning wisdom and friendship. But don’t forget the academy’s motto, “BFF or Die!”. If you like sofa co-ops with friends and family, BFF or Die is for you! 2-4 BFF or Die in local player mode is a whole new and entertaining collaborative experience. Combining puzzles with action gameplay can make you think carefully and sometimes – get excited and panic!

BFF or Die: Finding the Best Friends in Your Household

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