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Biden administration urges shippers and carriers to expand business hours

Large retailers and their rail and truck carrier partners are the next goal of a more 24-hour operating system coordinated by the Biden administration to help resolve the capacity crisis in the country’s supply chain. ..

John Pokari tapped by President Joe Biden as the administration’s port envoy in August Supply chain disruption task forceSaid at the Exporters Conference Thursday that it will work to expand its operational strategy over the next 90 days: Started in September The largest container port complex in Japan.

“The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach have lengthened gate times and made the first move by saying,’We are open,'” Porcari told attendees of the Agricultural Transport Union’s annual meeting. ..

“We are currently working on railroads, trucks, and the rest of our supply chain, including major customers we all know, such as Wal-Mart, FedExes, and The Home Depot, and operate 24/7. Promises that off-peak capacity is currently available to fix very serious problems. “

Walmart (NYSE: WMT), With Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN), the goal (NYSE: TGT), And Office Depot (NASDAQ: ODP) Was part of a well-known online and retail company elected by the Federal Maritime Commission’s recently established National Shipper Advisory Board.

According to Porcari, the extended gate time at the harbor is used to help wash away the loaded containers of finished products sitting in the dock waiting to move inland, but off-peak hours. The operation also opens up opportunities for agricultural exports. “We will make sure you are part of the conversation now and in the future,” he told the group.

Glyph Lynch, Secretary-General of the Georgia Port Authority (GPA), told attendees that he is working with Porcari to support his mission by setting up what the GPA calls the South Atlantic Supply Chain Relief Program. Told. Inland locations connecting to trucks and railroads are set up to provide an off-dock area for moving containers filled with imports that occupy space in the port.

Porcari and his team are “very supportive, working with Norfolk Southern and CSX. [railroads] Similarly, “Lynch said. “We believe this is not just for importers, but once we have cleared the garden, we can open the fields to receive exports and return to some of them longer. [receiving gate] The window we had. “

The FAST Act, the Ground Transport Funding Act that Congress is about to reapprove, contains provisions that require states to develop immediate and long-term freight plans. Porcari said the state wants to improve them.

“What kind of projects are needed in a true intermodal plan to take the entire goods movement chain from its source to its final destination, such as road and rail capacity, inland port transportation sites, and improvements in port docks? I will consider it, “he said. ..

“All of this needs to be reflected in the state’s freight program. One of the things we think will make a difference in the long run is better, leading to capital project investment in both the public and private sectors. The state freight plan. “

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Biden administration urges shippers and carriers to expand business hours Biden administration urges shippers and carriers to expand business hours

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