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Biden chooses Alexis Taylor to play a major trading role at USDA


Biden chooses Alexis Taylor to play a major trading role at USDA

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The Biden administration has announced its choices to play a major trading role at USDA. The White House has announced Alexis Taylor as the nomination of Under Secretary of Trade and Foreign Affairs. The Ag Group welcomed Friday’s announcement and pressured the administration to take on a role that had been vacant since President Biden took office.

Tom Vilsack, Executive Director of Ag, states that Taylor is a co-leader with a proven track record of working with the communities in which she serves large-scale solutions. She is the right person to move forward as the administration continues to work on global food security, promote US exports around the world, and strengthen trade relations with its global partners. I am saying.

The National Corn Growers Association states that Taylor is the best person for the position. Brook Appleton, vice president of public policy at NCGA, said Taylor has a deep understanding of agriculture, especially that it relates to foreign markets and is respected by policy makers on both sides of the aisle. I am.

Stephen Sensky, CEO of the American Soybean Association, said her in-depth knowledge of agricultural trade and public policy would help her in the post, and US soybean producers said she would return her to USDA. looking forward to it.

The National Wheat Federation and the American Wheat Federation have stated that Taylor has extensive experience and understanding of the agricultural community and trade issues and will be an advocate of American agriculture around the world.

Iowa Senator Charles Ernest Grassley looks forward to helping Taylor throughout the Senator’s confirmation process.

Native Iowa, Taylor, is currently the Director of Agriculture in Oregon and was previously Deputy Secretary of Agriculture and Foreign Ag Services under the Obama administration.

After graduating from Iowa State University, Taylor grew up on a family-owned farm in Iowa and enrolled in the US Army Reserve while in high school. During her third year of college, her Army Reserve was deployed to Iraq, where she took part in a tour with the 389th Engineer Battalion.

Taylor still needs to be confirmed by the US Senate, and many ag groups are asking the Senate to expedite the process to play an important role in US agriculture.

Biden chooses Alexis Taylor to play a major trading role at USDA Biden chooses Alexis Taylor to play a major trading role at USDA

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