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Biden directs state to qualify all adults by May 1st

Washington-President Joe Biden will announce Thursday night that he will instruct the state to qualify all adults for the Covid vaccine by May 1.

Biden is also expected to say in his first golden-time speech to the United States that Americans should be able to meet in small groups to celebrate July 4, government officials said Thursday. I told reporters.

“It’s clear that it doesn’t mean a big event with lots of people, but it means we can spend Independence Day again at small rallies and celebrations,” officials said. Told reporters before the speech.

“And that’s a big step in the right direction,” officials added. “I believe that if we do our part, it will be a much better place by Independence Day and we will be able to resume normal activities.”

Biden’s address is scheduled after 8 pm Eastern Standard Time and will air from the White House’s East Room. The speech is expected to last less than 20 minutes.

US President Joe Biden talks about 50 million Covid-19 vaccinations given in the United States during a milestone event at the Eisenhower Executive Building in Washington, DC on February 25, 2021.

Sole Robe | AFP | Getty Images

The prime time event takes place hours after Biden signs the law. $ 1.9 trillion Covid bailout bill, He actively passed Congress in the first 50 days after taking office.

Biden’s remarks are made when the United States administers a record number of vaccines over the weekend. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention delivered 2.9 million vaccines on Saturday, a record, and 2.4 million vaccines on Sunday. According to the latest aggregate of agencies.. Numbers are subject to revision as more data becomes available to public health authorities.

Biden is set to undertake Next week’s national tour Promote the first major legislative achievements of his administration. The president will leave for Delaware County, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. This is the state of the Electoral College, where Biden was the key to defeating the former president. Donald Trump..

White House spokesman Jen Psaki said earlier Thursday that he would “explain a little more concretely” about how Biden will fight the virus in the future.

CNBC Kevin Broininger Reported by New York City.

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Biden directs state to qualify all adults by May 1st Biden directs state to qualify all adults by May 1st

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