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Biden envisions thousands of wind turbines spinning at sea to strengthen the grid

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The Biden administration has outlined its ambitions to dramatically increase US offshore wind power by 2030 and is pushing for a maritime project that can generate enough electricity for more than 10 million American homes. ..

High-ranking government officials have spoken with state officials, executives, and Labor Party leaders as part of President Joe Biden’s push to combat climate change, promote renewable energy, and remove the grid of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. We announced our new goals at the meeting on March 29th. In the push, federal regulators have taken steps to facilitate the sale of rights to offshore wind farms in the Atlantic waters south of New York’s Long Island.

The Wind Energy Initiative is in line with the government’s commitment to a new US carbon reduction pledge, in line with efforts to prevent global average temperatures from rising above pre-industrial levels above 1.5 degrees Celsius.

“President Biden believes there is a great opportunity in front of us,” National Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy said in a statement on March 29. “The scale of the opportunity is not as clear as offshore wind.”

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With the goal of deploying 30 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity in nine years, developers have installed thousands of turbines capable of producing hundreds of times more electricity than two small existing facilities in current state and federal waters. need to do it.

Huge award

To reach its goals, the Biden administration is navigating competing interests such as project developers, environmentalists, organized workers and fishermen, while at the same time using billions of dollars of wind power from the Interior Ministry. You need to devote it to the review of the project.

However, according to the White House, the prize money is enormous and could attract more than $ 12 billion in capital investment annually and support 44,000 workers tasked with installing turbines along the US coast. McCarthy is committed not only to the development of offshore wind power, but also as a way to quickly start domestic production to supply it.

“We’re talking about a huge turbine that’s actually manufactured in the United States,” McCarthy said at a White House event. “We are talking about the steel and cement made here. We need to install these huge structures that have been flagged in the United States and built in US ports. I’m talking about a ship. “

Offshore wind power flourished in Northern Europe, where subsidies were the fuel for ventures, but declined in the United States. This is much more expensive than other types of clean electricity on land, and US developers need to navigate phalanx with local and federal permits. ..

In an interview, KPMGLLP’s US Energy and Resources Sector Leader Angie Gildea said, “Offshore wind is a much more mature company in Europe than the US, but we expect to see much more development in the country.” It states.

Some of the new investment could be concentrated on the deregulated and cheaper Texas coast, Gildea said.

The government has raised $ 230 million in port infrastructure, guaranteed $ 3 billion in loan guarantees to project developers, and awarded about $ 8 million to 15 R & D projects in the United States’ fast-growing industry. We are announcing a series of moves that we have stated to support.

The Home Office’s Department of Marine Energy Management is also taking the next step towards selling wind development rights in New York Bay, the shallow part of the Atlantic Ocean between Long Island and New Jersey. Based on years of analysis, the agency details new wind energy areas for potential development in the region, setting sales potential in late 2021 or early 2022.

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New York Bay can be equipped with enough windmills to power New York City as a whole, but it is also home to some of the world’s richest scallop beds. This is a dispute that has plagued agency behavior under the Trump administration.

The agency has also announced plans to begin an environmental analysis of the Orsted A / S Ocean Wind project planned in the waters near New Jersey. The wind farm has a capacity of 1.1 gigawatts and can power 500,000 households in New Jersey.

Plans for 14 offshore wind farms are already pending in front of the station, with the aim of completing a review of at least 16 proposals representing a power generation capacity of 19 gigawatts or more by 2025 by 2025. He said he was. A $ 2.8 billion Vineyard Wind project near Massachusetts in April.

The administration’s initiative is based on the conservative goals of Biden’s first week of inauguration. To double wind power in US waters by 2030. Meet that goal.

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Biden envisions thousands of wind turbines spinning at sea to strengthen the grid Biden envisions thousands of wind turbines spinning at sea to strengthen the grid

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