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Biden orders voter registration efforts as voting battles intensify

Joe Biden said on Sunday that he would increase voter registration a few days after the Democratic House of Representatives passed a drastic voting rights law to counter Republican efforts to limit access to votes in some states. Signed the intended presidential order.

Biden’s unilateral action directs federal agencies to promote voter registration and participation and to work with the state to support voter registration.

The order also overhauled the website, allowing federal officials to take leave to vote or volunteer as voting workers, and for persons with disabilities, active military personnel and other foreign voters. Instruct them to provide more resources to reserve. Native Americans have the opportunity to register to vote.

Republican efforts to crack down on early voting, mail voting, and other voting practices after Donald Trump refuses to accept the results of the November elections and repeatedly falsely claims that ballots are “illegal.” This is the latest attempt by the Democratic Party to counter. I’m against him.

“The legacy of the march in Selma is that free people cannot stop exercising their most sacred power as citizens, but there are those who do everything they can to deprive them of that power.” Biden said in a statement recorded on Sunday.

“Every voter needs to be able to vote and count their votes. With the best ideas, there’s nothing to hide,” he added.

But Biden’s orders emphasize how little the president can do on his own and how much political battle for voting rights will be fought in Capitol Hill and the state legislature.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, state legislators have submitted more than 250 bills this year, including provisions that restrict voting access in 43 states. Among them is Georgia’s major swing-state bill banning early voting on Sunday. Critics of the move say it is a thin veil attack on African-American voters who have historically voted through church-related “souls to vote” events.

House buildingl includes provisions for automatic voter registration, the requirement to guarantee the duration of early voting and allow voting by mail, and the restoration of voting rights for serious offenses that have completed a decision.

However, it could stall in the US Senate, which is dominated by the Democratic Party with the smallest margins. The Senate of Parliament is divided into 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans, and Vice President Kamala Harris can cast the same number of votes. However, under the esoteric Senate “filibuster” rules, most legal debates, including those related to voting rights and elections, require the support of 60 senators. This is unlikely to happen in today’s parliament.

Progressive activists and Democratic lawmakers have gathered in recent weeks to consider Democratic senators to abolish filibuster altogether. This can be done with a simple majority vote. Biden, who spent 36 years in the Senate before serving as Vice President of Barack Obama, remained cold on the issue of filibuster after decades of defending the issue of filibuster.

Biden announces executive order to vote on Sunday at an event commemorating the 56th anniversary of Bloody Sunday, when the army beat hundreds of civil rights activists, including John Lewis, in Selma, Alabama, and shed tear gas. did. Lewis, who died last year, was a prominent voice of the civil rights movement and a longtime Democrat in Georgia.

The 2013 US Supreme Court overridden an important part of the Voting Rights Act, a groundbreaking law signed by Lyndon B. Johnson in the wake of the Bloody Sunday case. Democrats, including Biden, called for the restoration of the law in the name of Lewis.

Biden orders voter registration efforts as voting battles intensify Biden orders voter registration efforts as voting battles intensify

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