Big action of the 80’s with a huge World of Tanks update


  • December of this year is the most extensive update World of tanks console Still, it includes a complete update of the game interface and user experience, as well as a new season of content. World of Tanks: Action Hero Season.
  • At the heart of the action hero season are three new tanks that players can acquire, each under the command of an action hero of the 1980s. Rambo (from “First Blood”), Snake Plissken (from “New York 1997”), Colonel. James Braddock (from “Missing in Action”).
  • This update completely redesigns the look and feel of the game and improves the key systems players use to make their tanks more powerful on the battlefield.

As a member of the team behind World of Tanks consoleI don’t think it’s too big. On earth World of tanks It features 40 tonnes of steel beasts that thin out each other in explosive battlefield games.

So when you say the December update is big, that means it. And it all starts with the world’s largest action hero that accompanies our latest season content. World of Tanks: Action Hero!!

Like the previous season World of Tanks: Action Hero Earning XP in multiplayer battles gives you a chance to increase a total of 100 levels. When you reach a new level, you’ll be rewarded with all sorts of in-game rewards, including silver, consumables, and special emblems for customizing tanks. Need more content? Get a Season Pass or Ultimate Pass from the store to unlock sweet rewards at all levels!

But we know what tankers really want: new tanks. This season you have the opportunity to own a tank under the command of a celebrity in a classic action movie.

exactly, World of Tanks: Action Hero Bring John Rambo from the three 1980s action movie characters, “First Blood,” “Rambo: First Blood Part II,” and “Rambo III,” to the battlefield. Snake Plissken from “New York 1997”. Captain James Bradock, made famous by Chuck Norris for “Missing in Action”.

Each action hero commands a uniquely designed limited edition tank. World of Tanks Action Hero Season.

John Rambo is clearly responsible for the American Concept 1B tank.

Snake Plissken directs the deadly Object268 version V.

World of Tanks Action Hero

And the legendary James Braddock calls the legendary StrvK shot.

World of Tanks Action Hero

Don’t forget: These three mega action tanks World of Tanks Action Hero Season. When the season ends in February, these heroes will leave the battlefield!

in the case of Action hero The season wasn’t big enough. We will also begin the largest overhaul of the look and feel. World of tanks What we have still started. On December 8th, you’ll see a whole new user interface that’s cleaner, more meaningful, and easier to navigate to get the most out of your time on the battlefield.

World of Tanks Action Hero

We are also updating some of the game’s core systems to change and enhance tank performance.The· Commander system It replaces the existing crew setup, but works in the same way, allowing tank commanders to acquire skills that give them additional abilities in combat.

Two other convenient systems, apparatus, And the expendables, Updated with new and improved items for loading on tanks, allowing you to customize how you destroy your enemies!

It’s just the tip of the iceberg of what’s waiting for you World of tanks.. It’s the legendary December, so log in to join the new season and enjoy and deploy all the new features we’ve created!

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World of Tanks is a global online multiplayer free play game specializing in armored warfare in the mid-20th century. Custom-built for Xbox, World of Tanks has realistic vehicles and environments that allow players to command the most powerful tanks of all time and experience unprecedented combat on Xbox. Features: • Strategic and fast-paced 15 to 15 online action. • Over 700 full-scale tanks to choose from in 12 countries. • Fight over 80 maps under the influence of various terrains and weather. • Built-in support for Xbox One X that pushes the boundaries of graphic fidelity. • Regular updates provide new content and frequent special events.

Big ‘80s Action with a Huge World of Tanks Update

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