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Early happy Father’s Day to all the dads there. Open the Big Blue View Mailbag to see what questions you can answer to see if it helps you enjoy your weekend.

Douglas Morin asks: This Thursday, the Bleacher Report talked about the “greatest regrets” of the off-season. They thought it was Tony. Many BBVers disagree. If so, what would you choose as a Giants off-season regret?

  • Are you trading engrams? Probably for the 2022 pick.
  • Would you like to sign a booker for too much money?
  • Are you getting a better backup than Glennon?
  • Looking for a way to resign Tom Linson?
  • Won’t you bring in a better veteran guard?

To be honest, there are no major failures this offseason I can see. The Giants seem to have run into all the important issues. Within 3-4 years you will see if something really turned into a failure. But now I’m not sure if I can find a clear and serious failure.

Ed says: Oh, this is an interesting question to ponder. Take the items you mentioned one by one.

  • I have no problem not trading engrams. The Giants already have 10 picks in 2022. Are the picks on the third day probably the ones they would have had to settle and are about the same value? Probably not. Engrams were definitely a rough sketch of 2020. Still, he was sometimes a really good player for the Giants. Predicting 2019 statistics for the full season, we were accelerating towards 88 receptions. He still offers a skill set that many tight ends cannot match. Let’s see if the Giants can get better production from him in the future.
  • The booker’s signature may be the answer to your question. The Giants feel he is a three-downback. I don’t know if I agree. I’m also not sure if I had to rush to sign the backup, but in reality, the fully guaranteed $ 2 million money isn’t that much. Finding a backup running back is not difficult, even if it is less.
  • Mike Glennon’s signature is fine. The general belief is that the Giants want to get the ball downfield more often in pass games, and Glennon can do it better than Colt McCoy. The Giants never signed a probably better backup that came in hopes of threatening Daniel Jones.
  • I wanted to see the Giants re-signed Dalvin Tomlinson, but the choice was always Leonard Williams instead of Tomlinson. If you bring Tom Linson back, you may not be able to get Adly Jackson, Kyle Rudolph, or even Kenny Goraday. Tom Linson’s main value is as a run stopper and he is a good person. However, the defensive harness that stops running is a bit like a backup running back. You can find them at any time without having to pay them a special amount.Witness Danny Shelton’s signature with much less money Tom Linson got from Minnesota Viking..
  • Zack Fulton’s signature is not a big problem. Yes, he is a downgrade from Kevin Zeitler. The Giants said they couldn’t afford to keep Zeitler with the salary cap down. They still believe in Wilhernandez.Fulton had a terrible season Houston Texans Last year, but he was a decent player for years. He is fine as a veteran backup.

Overall, I think it bothered me in a hurry to sign the booker. Can you call it “regret”? not really. The Giants absolutely wanted to make sure they were protected if Saquon Barkley wasn’t ready or if they were injured again. Several combinations of Booker, Riquel Armstead, Corey Clement and Gary Breitwell provide that protection.

Brian Miss Dam asks: We talked a lot of this offseason about how offenses, Jones, Offensive Line and Jason Garrett, need to strengthen it this year in order for the team to meet the up-and-coming expectations.

Jones explained that he needed a better support cast, OL needed coaching consistency, and Garrett needed to be more creative.

If things go wrong, both QB and OL seem to have outs. Offensive plans stopped Jones, OL was young and unproven, and so on. However, Garrett seems to be in a difficult situation. The offense may have been improved and the player may be credited, or Garrett may be in the chopping block.

I’m indifferent to Garrett as an OC, but is there a situation where he’s coming back despite being below expectations? I can see a scenario for maintaining both QB and OL, despite being overwhelmed by him.

He seems to have noticed that he is in a losing situation. Unless the attack is really prolific, his best scenario seems to be that the kitchen and fan base remain OC waiting for slip-up replacement. I don’t know how he will return if he doesn’t get a noticeable profit.

Your thoughts?

Ed says: Brian, this is another really good question.

I think Garrett is in a tricky place. Joe Judge has moved Freddie Kitchens to the role of “advanced attack assistant”, and the judge said the kitchen would focus on the attack line. That may be true, but the judge and the kitchen have long been in partnership, and the judge believes in the kitchen. Let’s call a spade a spade and admit that if Garrett couldn’t get better production from the attack in 2021, the role of the kitchen would actually appear to be a “waiting attack coordinator”.

The Giants were the second worst attack in football last year (Thank you, Jets!). It’s unclear how this will be possible in 2021 due to increased talent and Berkeley’s return. The mid-point scored in the NFL last season was 24.75 points per game, about 7 points higher than the Giants scored. If the Giants reach 24 or 25 points per game in 2021, it’s a big improvement and it’s easy to claim that they’re heading in the right direction. In that case, there is a simple argument that if Garrett doesn’t get the chance of another head coach, he will stay.

If the Giants fail to attack, of course changes will be made. And of course, Garrett will almost certainly be one of those changes.

Bob Donnelly asks: With the addition to the off-season roster, do you think the Giants have a legitimate shot by becoming one of the top five defenses in 2021?

Ed says: Bob, make sure you have a chance. The Giants finished ninth overall with points allowed before the season, and on paper the personnel look better than before the season.

They are better and deeper in both cornerback and safety. They have more options for both linebackers and edge rushers. They have an off-season and a real training camp / pre-season for Patrick Graham to understand what some of his new players can do.

However, I have a question. Health is always one of those in the NFL. Some important injuries change everything. Can Leonard Williams have the same type of influence as it did a year ago? Can the Giants properly fill the holes left by the departure of Dalvin Tomlinson? Can any of the edge rushers move forward and become a true impact player?

We know what will happen, but there are many reasons why the group is optimistic about heading into the season.

ctscan123 asks: Hey Ed, I recently read a column that Adly Jackson’s contract is a head-scraper, which made me think about Dave Gettleman in general. In a previous email bag question, I argued that Dave Gettleman was often plagued by a tendency to oppose grain. If you have a consensus view on transactions, there is no doubt that good old Dave will do the opposite. It’s as if he has oppositional defiant disorder or inferiority complex, trying to prove that he is the smartest man in the room and knows better than anyone else. This manifests itself in many ways, but in this case I’m interested in free agent contracts. About the deal he hands over, as he overpays players like Jonathan Stewart and Levin Tyrolo who don’t seem to appreciate it, or bids on stars like Kenny G. There was a lot of skepticism. We understand that we are not familiar with negotiations, but there are quite a few data points in this pattern. He seems to be consistently and unnecessarily overpaying for players who could probably have been cheaper. How transparent is the bidding process? Do agents lie to GM about other offers? Is he a fleece? Is he just a generous person? Is it a simple FOMO? How does this continue to happen?

Ed says: One of the places where there is disagreement about CT, Dave Gettleman, is that he loves the fact that he thinks for himself.What he does he And the people around him believe that is the right thing to do. It’s not what the writer, Talking Heads, and fan base think he should do. I absolutely respect him for having the courage of his beliefs and for success or failure in his terms.

Is he always right? of course not. I’m not always right. You are not always right. If someone thinks they’ve never been wrong about something, they’re wrong about it.

Jonathan Stewart’s contract was wrong. Gettleman put too many shares in the player who had Stewart, not Stewart at the time. However, Gettleman admits that the 2018 off-season approach is flawed. For me, the last few off-seasons were great.

Well, at the heart of the question. Do the Giants led by Getleman tend to pay some players more than they need to?

There are some contracts on the roster that I don’t really understand. I discussed the booker above, and the reality of the deal is that it’s not as bad as it was first heard. If the Giants cut the booker, there would be a $ 1 million dead cap next year, which is actually a $ 2.5 million one-year contract. Maybe more than I paid, but not terrible. In my view, Levine Toilolo is a minimum veteran player, but it’s not necessarily a cap killer, as the 2021 warranty is $ 650,000 and the contract is only $ 1.6 million. We claim about hundreds of thousands of dollars for players with his experience.

Looking at James Bradbury, all the contracts between Blake Martinez and Logan Ryan a year ago were three years at a reasonable price in terms of market value. Bradbury is the 7th most expensive cornerback on average, Martinez is the 10th most expensive inside linebacker, and Ryan (really safe) is listed by Spotrac as the 16th most expensive cornerback. I think they are all in line with or less than where they should be based on their abilities.

Currently, Kenny Goraday and Adly Jackson have a contract.

Goraday earned more than I expected in the first year of a salary cap drop since it was enacted in the 1990s (4 years, guaranteed $ 72 million and $ 40 million). .. His average annual salary of $ 18 million is the sixth wide receiver.

It is not true that the Giants were bidding on themselves for Goraday.He reportedly had an offer for a year from Cincinnati Bengals And Chicago Bears.. He also Baltimore Ravens Before signing the Giants.

Now, could the Giants get a little more Goraday? Perhaps, however, this is what happens with free agents. The Giants had to have a Goraday. They knew it. Goraday knew it. Goraday’s agent knew that too. Maybe they could get Goraday on a three-year contract, but do you really want to risk alienating and losing the person you need by playing a hard ball? The fourth year of the deal includes an out that saves nearly $ 15 million on caps, while a $ 6.8 million cap hit occurs if the Giants cut back on Goraday.

Jackson’s three-year $ 13 million deal is the twelfth cornerback annual average, which is also in close agreement with what many believe is his talent level. Tennessee Titans..

William Jackson spends three years and $ 40.5 million Washington football team..Shakir Griffin spends three years and $ 40 million Jacksonville Jaguars.. Looking at those deals, we can argue that Adly Jackson’s deals are correct at market prices.

It’s absolutely fair to wonder about some of the Giants’ contracts with Gettleman watches. But what everyone needs to remember is that contracts never seem blushing at first. It is important to see the guaranteed money and structure, and where it fits in the market. Those things tell you the true story of the contract.

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Big Blue View Email Bags: Regrets, Contracts, Jason Garrett, etc. Big Blue View Email Bags: Regrets, Contracts, Jason Garrett, etc.

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