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WWE NXT Superstar Ridge Holland Recently Here he revealed how he moved to wrestling.

The Netherlands had a very successful career as a rugby league player in England before, but he has always been passionate about wrestling. He revealed that the injury actually led to the end of his rugby career, and a tweet from William Regal played an important role.

“I’ve been a fan since I was young. Stone Cold Steve Austin, he was my man. I had blue jeans and a Stone Cold T-shirt. When I was 10, I surprised everyone and dropped them. The bed in my house was broken. So I was always a fan, but since I came from a working class town, my dad was playing rugby, so he pushed me in that direction. Fortunately, I was good enough to make a living, but tore the thigh quadrupeds playing at Salford and they sent me during my honeymoon, so I. Was lying in Cancun and seemed to be toying with the idea of ​​starting to see a wrestling school before, but it was always closed by boys. Obviously, when you were around the youth, It’s a pretty taboo subject, and I saw a tweet from William Legal. “Anyone trying to get started with professional wrestling should look into Marty Jones’ coaching service.” Currently, Marty Jones I was working on the era of the athletic meet, the 7th mid-heavy champion. So I emailed him and lay down on my bed in Cancun. He sent me an email and two days later I was practicing my first wrestling. Two days later, straight into the ring. “

Ridge Holland also talked about how he came up with his name, admitting that WWE actually combined the elements of the two names he proposed.

“There was a process of naming 10-20, they matched the surname of one name I chose, and the surname of another and Triple H said,” I like them. ” He’s a boss, so I said, “Well, if you like it, I’ll do it too.” That’s how it happened. It’s not the most common Yorkshire name, but we plan to make it work. “

Ridge Holland gained a lot of momentum for himself in 2020 and was actually responsible for the attack. Adam ColeThe Netherlands was initially set up to be part of Pat McAfee’s group.

However, during the match against Oney Locan in October 2020, Holland broke his left ankle, dislocated his patella, and ruptured his right knee. The Netherlands had been injured since that time and was expected to go out for 6-9 months.

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Big E believes WWE sees part-time talent facing Roman reign at WrestleMania Big E believes WWE sees part-time talent facing Roman reign at WrestleMania

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