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Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio made a very strange comment about wide receiver Jerry Jeudy’s return to Washington.

Denver Broncos is recovering Jerry Judy from injury this week. Washington football team, And everyone in Broncos Country seems absolutely excited about it.

Everyone, except for head coach Vic Fangio.

Fangio met with the media on Wednesday and was asked how it would affect the way defense game plans were made. BroncosAttack when Judy is in the lineup.

His reaction was astounding.

Denver Broncos: Vic Fangio makes strange comments about Jerry Jeudy

I don’t think it will change much overall, but they will find him there. He is an excellent slot receiver. We also line him out some. It may change a little, but it’s not dramatic.

Big Fangio (Via Broncos PR)

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does not change Lot How to place Geoffrey Hinton on the field instead of the Kendall Hinton or Tyrie Cleveland?


At least Washington and other defenses are facing Denver Broncos In the coming weeks, you’ll “notice” Jerry Judy on the field.

These comments from Big Fangio are simply incredible.

Is he not reading How to make friends and influence people??

Joking aside, Fangio yells for five minutes about how unique Darren Waller is. Not surprisingly. Waller is a great talent. But the fact that Fangio was given a soft toss to speak one of his best young players.

Instead, he overly denied Judi’s actual impact on the game.

This is the same as Jerry Judy, who won nearly 900 yards last season, despite having too many QB issues for the team. This is the same as Jerry Judy, who can be separated just by wearing a hat. That route is already one of the best routes in the NFL. He stands out after being caught and can let people escape in space. He has a very high vertical speed and can score from anywhere in the field.

But wouldn’t his presence dramatically change the way the defense attacks Broncos?

The cynics would say Fangio is right, based on the fact that Broncos’ attacks have proved a level of inadequacy that is difficult to ignore over the past four weeks.

Aside from the funny jabs, the majority are aware that what Fangio did here was pulling another brick from the already wobbling Jenga stack.

Of course, Jerry Jeudy has had a big influence on Denver Broncos’ attack. Prior to the injury in the first week, he had six receptions at 72 yards. He goes well with Teddy Bridgewater and should receive a large number of targets when he enters the lineup.

Unfortunately, the head coach of this Denver Broncos team missed a great opportunity to talk to one of his best players. Perhaps it even scared the Washington Football Team in the process.

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Big Fangio makes strange comments about Jerry Judy Big Fangio makes strange comments about Jerry Judy

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